October 27, 2010

I'm so dead

Officially finish my first part of final.
It's so nice to have 13 days to study for my next 2 papers,
I need to use it correctly.
Hope that I can do well in the coming papers.

| Chemical Instrumental's Notes |

I'm so dead now.
Please, let me pass this paper.
*Pray hard, HARDER!*

Okay, don't talk about the sad thing anymore.
I guess I'll rest my mind for 1 day,
quote from Michelle: Tonight I can online without the feel of guiltiness
So, any plan for tonight?

I feel that I love my blog berry much


  1. aiseh got my quote mo *shy* hehehe just online gao gao n do watever thing u wan~

  2. wahaha, I'm doing this right now XD

  3. what is that?? looks like a fly.. good luck to your nx papers!

  4. Haha, that's a structure of instrument lo...
    thanks o!
    good luck to you too.