October 13, 2010

Factory visit

Finally I had done my proposal presentation on Monday
Felt relieve after that
glad that I'm still alive from the questioning part
good luck to my coursemates who gonna present on tomorrow and Fri
pray hard for you all

Had a factory visit just now
we went to Sime Darby Jomalina Sdn Bhd 
it was a good experience for us 
although we don't really want to go there at first

| Golden Jomalina's Board |

| Helmet + Rubber Shoes |

we have to put on the personal protective equipment
to protect ourselves
feel weird why we were on the formal wear?
of course, it was requested by our lecturer
wearing formal wear and walking under the big sun is killing us
we prefer our club's t-shirt

I like the feel 
when all coursemates go some places together
so I'm looking forward to our trip

Sushi Bonanza is back!
we didn't miss the chance
but too bad we didn't get to eat the unagi sushi

| Member Card |

Get myself the Sushi King's member card
and grab some free gifts as well
a small round bowl, voucher and also the calender

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