November 30, 2014

Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe . Gurney Plaza

[ This restaurant had closed its door to public ]
I just realized that I never blog about my food experience at Namoo, the Korean dessert cafe, when I browse through my photo albums. I once crazy about this cafe when their first outlet opened at Kuala Lumpur, because there isn't much Korean restaurant available in the island that time (around 1-2 years ago) and this Namoo cafe is a photo-worthy place. I still remember that I was so excited about it when they have their second outlet in Gurney Plaza, and I went there twice but never blog about it. Don't ask me, I don't know why either. Before it is too late, I think I should just put my both visit in a post here. I went there again as I feel that their food is quite okay (not too bad), but with higher spiciness level compare to other Korean restaurants.  
Something keep bothering me when I were out for food hunting, where to place my bag? Namoo is so nice to prepare a hook under every table for ladies to hang our bags! I didn't realized it until I was using the napkin lol. 
Yuza Tea | RM9.90 . Green Tea Latte | RM9.90
I don't really bother what to order for my drinks whenever I'm in restaurant/cafe unless they do have their signature beverage stated in their menu; if not I'll just order something I like. Moreover, I can't really finish a glass of drink after the meal, so I prefer to share drinks with my accompany, only if they willing to share lol. I ordered green tea latte for my both visit to Namoo, not too bad but not the best that I had, I like it as it comes with strong milk taste. From the menu, the only special name I found on it is yuza tea which is actually honey grapefruit tea, quite special and not too sour. 
Chicken Nuggets | RM12.90
This is nothing related to Korean food lol. Just wanted to order this to share with my accompany while waiting for our main course, ended up this came after our main course. The deep fried stuff never goes wrong and I don't think it needs any special intro here. The chicken nuggets came with vegetable salad and the portion can fit 3-4 pax if you all just want to have a small bites. 
Kimchi Soup | RM17.90
How can I not order Kimchi soup in Korean restaurant, so I ordered this on my first visit; I also added RM2 for the Korean rice. I was quite impressed with this as the kimchi stew is so rich and 'thick', you can imagine the spiciness level by looking at the soup, I was sweating non-stop while having this. So it is highly recommended to add-on a bowl of rice so that you can counteract the spiciness of the soup. You will get numerous of kimchi, tofu and chicken sausage slices in the soup; I can't finished that bowl of kimchi soup btw. 
Bibimbap | RM18.90
Maybe it doesn't look like a bibimbap for you as normally bibimbap should served in hot stone which cost RM20.90 in Namoo. I ordered the bibimbap which served in normal bowl as I don't want the rice stick on the hot stone after awhile and wasted some portion of the rice. And, sometimes if the chef over-heated the hot stone, your bibimbap turn out too hot to consume and might hurt your tongue. Yup, I always think too much when I dine, is it good or bad? You can choose either beef or chicken for your bibimbap, it came with only 1 side - kimchi and the chili paste is separated in another bowl, you can just pour the amount of chili paste you like in the bibimbap. Is it quite good but I don't really like it when they put so many bean sprout that a little bit spoil the taste (my thought). 
Sweet Chili Omuto | RM20.90
White Cream Omuto | RM19.90
There are some choices of omuto or pasta listed under their Korean Western categories, which is a good move for people who can't really accept traditional Korean food. For omuto, you can choose either chicken or prawn, obviously we chose chicken against prawn, they came with 2 sides which are kimchi and salad. Both are quite good but I prefer the white cream omuto as it is quite special compare to the normal chili paste for omuto, don't you think so? We only had main course but no dessert for both visits, so I can't intro their signature dessert here lol. 

170-G-40, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Business Hours
10am - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Number
+604 226 4810


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