November 15, 2014

Yet . Another One

Let's have something different today, I'm going to use bilingual in this post. It seems like nowadays I only share post about beer and skittles, there is nothing much about my personal thought. I used to crap everything over here but now I only share good thing, as I think I need not spread my own thing to the entire world, and people don't give a damn on it. I think I grow up a lot lol. Something remain the same is I will definitely have a photo in a post as I realize that readers tend to read your post depending on your photos. 


Just wanted to share that I received a postcard from Lindsey all the way from Singapore, glad to know that she was quite enjoy her trip there. I went to Singapore right after she is back to Taiwan, it will be better if I could meet here there. This round I only got a postcard from Gardens by the Bay, the most regret thing is I totally forgot to get some postcards from USS. Then I received this, as a compensation. Thank you!


. . . . . . . . . . . 

Big Hero 6, I'm coming!

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