November 14, 2014

Lost World of Tambun . Ipoh

This is the part 2 that I promised. After we checked-in one of the room, we decided to go to the theme park for a walk under the hot sun. You shouldn't expect too much on the theme park, it is not like others that with lots of roller coaster or games, we came here for their hotsprings lol, that's why we didn't expect so much. Since we were not expect that much, so we really had fun over there eventho others might think that there got nothing much to do. Bear with me, I'll let the photos do the talking. 
If you read the part 1 here, you will know that we got the 10% off for the Lost World entrance ticket after checked-in the room. But we didn't used that, we got another 15% voucher off from Watsons, this explain why we got the Watsons word printed on the ticket. 
If you read from the giant map nearby the entrance, you will notice that they actually have a few food court in the theme park, but I had no idea why all of them were shut down when we were there. Food (mainly small bites) that sell at the Ipoh Street are not suitable for lunch, so we went back to our hotel and had lunch at Papparich. They gave us a re-entry ticket when we wanted to go out from theme park, before re-enter the theme park, we need to take a verification paper from hotel lobby and show it to the ticket checker. Hmm, I think they need some improvement over here, it is quite troublesome. 
There are quite a lot attractions in the theme park, you may visit their website for details. We had fun in the Petting Zoo, my parents love the little friends, that's why we always spend most of our time with animals. 
Tired of walking around the park? Just go to their train station and enjoy the view on the train.
Our timing is quite good, went to walk around the park and play with little friends, sat the train to enjoy the scenery and back to the Tiger Valley on time to enjoy the tiger feeding show! Roar, yet this tiger seems a bit lazy lol. Right after the show, all of us caught in the tiny rain, we managed to go back our room before it became bigger. 

[ H O T S P R I N G S ] 

The hotsprings are open on day time too (the entrance ticket is including the day time hotsprings), but I don't think we will enjoy the 30-50 degree water under the sun. I tried to dip my foot inside the hotsprings but it's way hotter than 40 degree because of the weather. We went there again on night time by using the free entrance ticket given by the hotel. Since I did not bring camera on night time, I captured all the photos during day time so that I can have some images post in my blog. 
There are around 7 type of hotsprings available in the park, we tried most of it, some we couldn't locate where they are, they should have a map for the location; or maybe they have it but we didn't notice. They even have fire show from 8pm - 9pm, we can stay in the Saphira's Liar (last photo) to enjoy the show, how thoughtful they are! We were quite sad to leave this place, especially the hotsprings. Some day, I'm going to Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat which only located 5 minutes away from Lost World of Tambun to have little getaway from this hustle and bustle life. 

No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Perak.


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I have decision making phobia, what if I get the wrong one? Hmm.

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