December 19, 2014

Of Bluish Moment . Soul Cafe

I couldn't catch up with the cafe list which shared among the blogsphere or elsewhere, they are blooming in the island with uncatchable speed until I feel fed up to go and explore anymore, nah just kidding. Since I can't go so many cafes in one time, so I'll just choose the cafe I like and put them at Top 5 list after crawling some food blogs; I'll still visit those cafes which are not in the Top 5 list in the future, I hope. I think it was quite some times me and BenDan last visit new cafe/restaurant, that's why we thought to visit 2 cafe in a day. We went to Soul Cafe which located at Jalan Kek Chuan, in the mid of colorful houses. 
I like the interior where it gives me a feel of earthy; it becomes a platform for photographer's masterpiece, you can view the artistic photos hanging on the wall while enjoying your meal over there. If not mistaken, they will change the photos from time to time. 
They place one plate of coffee powder on each table, this is why you can get the coffee kind of smell when you step into the cafe. People tend to bring their gadget or laptop to cafe/restaurant and sit there for hours, this is why WiFi also play an important roll to attract people for visiting; the password is available for diners so that you don't need to ask from their staff.
Passion Fruit Smoothies | RM13
Wanted something chill that day and it served in the camera lens, glad that we shared it that day as I don't think I can finish it by my own. I like the texture of the smoothies where we can still have the bits of passion fruit seed, with right amount of sweetness and sourness, it a little tickle our tummy, quite savoury and I can't wait for our main course to come.
Homemade Creamy Mushroom Soup | RM11
Every soup comes with a piece of garlic bread that placed on the stone-kind of plate, I dipped it in the soup for photo purposes. Laugh. Mushroom soup is like everyone's favourite soup, it is so creamy and rich with generous amount of mushrooms! I like it were they spill some olive oil that a little bit enhance the taste, will definitely go back for this.
Creamy Pumpkin Soup | RM9
It's quite hard to find a place that serve good pumpkin soup, I once had nice pumpkin soup at Smoky Jack (the restaurant is shut down few years back), but the pumpkin soup here totally rock it, better than the one I had. Roasted almond flakes are added in the soup; the soup is pretty creamy and thick with the cream added in it. The pumpkin soup is kind of sweet which might come from the pumpkin itself. 
Cute bowl design. That's the stone-kind of plate I mentioned earlier, not really user friendly I think, waitress have hard time to put it on table or take it up because of its weight and thickness.
Linguine al Carbonara | RM15.90
Linguine al Vongole Pesto | RM18.90
There isn't much choices of food in their menu but I read plenty of good reviews on their pasta, temporary there are only 5 types of pasta available in the cafe, more to come I hope. Most of the shops served pasta in angel hair or spaghetti, but I prefer linguine or fettuccine nowadays, penne are welcome too. The Carbonara is topped with pork bacon and mushrooms that cooked in olive oil, it is very creamy with the cheese that added in the pasta, thumb up for this. You won't feel greasy with the amount of cream and cheese they added, it makes you want for more.
As for the linguine al Vongole Pesto, it cooked together with white wine and some basil leaves, luckily the basil is only the side flavoring agent, I can't really stand the taste if it is too strong. Clams are fresh and I think there are more than 10 clamps in this plate of pasta; overall it is quite good, my favourite of the day! As you can see, the price is quite affordable with this quality food, worth it~

12, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
11am - 11pm; Closed on every Sunday

Contact Number
+604 226 8200


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Christmas is coming but why I don't get the feel yet?


  1. I like pesto yums!! Your photos made me salivated omg. I'm hungry it's midnight weh~ XD

    1. xD me myself also drool when I happen to scroll my blog lol

  2. Yup, their linguine al Vongole Pesto tastes great indeed! 4.8 / 5 stars