November 8, 2014

Lost World Hotel . Ipoh

It's been awhile, missing from blogsphere for nearly a month now and I'm finally here again to update something that I wish to share with you. Before I continue, let me tell some grandmother's stories on why I was not updating my blog for a month. Been really really busy with my work and continuously worked overtime for a month now, glad that I'm still alive after so many issues. Also, I was busy preparing my itinerary to Singapore (again!) during the weekends as I need to know every details since we brought my parents there for holiday. And yeah, we just came back from Singapore last week and I think I won't step into that country in 5 years time, let's move our aim to other countries then. Quite surprise that my blog traffic didn't reduce during this period, thanks to those foodie who crawl to my blog for cafe details, I think so, as I mainly share about food here.

Promised that I'm going to write about my experience during my short getaway to Lost World of Tambun with my loves one. Why I chose there? Wanted to soak into the hot springs badly since my last try at Felda Residence Hot Springs years ago during my high school, long enough? I don't feel to go back the same place as there have nothing other than hot springs, so we decided to pay Lost World of Tambun a visit as we can have some activities to do during day time. I'll write about the Lost World Hotel in this post, will continue with the theme park once I'm free lol. Departed from our island early in the morning, went to Ipoh town to have the famous tau fu fah before continue our journey to Lost World of Tambun. Were trying to kill some time at Ipoh town as we do not want to reach the hotel too early before the check-in time, still, we reached there around 12pm.
I did read some reviews about the Lost World Hotel from tripadvisor before this getaway, most of the reviews are not really good, and people complain this and that. I had no choice but still need to get the hotel as this is the nearest hotel to the theme park. Since it was not the check-in time when we were there, so the worst case I thought is to put our baggage in the car; yet the receptionist is so kind to allow us to check-in one of the room (we get 2 rooms) first, they even called me around 3pm to inform me that my second room was ready to check-in. Things happen afterwards (read on to know more) but the hotel staffs trying hard to help us and I felt satisfy with their service, if you want me to rate about their service, it would be 4/5 stars! My thought: reviews are for reference only.
We booked the Classical Room for around RM190 per night, the price is quite reasonable with all the tiptop facilities available in the room, for your information, WiFi is available too. The room we got is with linked door to next room, normally all hotels will arrange linked room for family that booked for 2 rooms. The room is quite spacious, and the washroom is clean enough. Thumb up.
This is what you got once you check-in: room key card, complimentary free breakfast buffet at Garden Terrace, 10% off Lost World entrance ticket and Hot Springs entrance ticket from 6pm to 11pm. I feel it is quite worth the price. 

We were then went to have some outdoor activities and return to our hotel rooms when we caught in the sudden rain. While waiting for me to dry my hair, my parents rushed to my room and tell me that the ceiling leaks, water/rain were drip on their bed! I was quite shocked and immediately called the receptionist on this; after a minute, the staff inform us that they going to change our room to first floor and upgrade us to Executive Suite. They even sent their bell boy to help us on our baggage. Yeah, their hotel might need some maintenance but nevertheless they did solved our problem, here comes another set of the room photos. Laugh
The happiest thing during travel is to get upgraded without paying extra moolah, we can run here and there is the Executive Suite, simply put our baggage in the living room, they even have small kitchen in the room! 

[ B R E A K F A S T ]

There are several restaurants available around the Lost World Hotel, but we only have our breakfast buffet at Garden Terrace, we settled our dinner at Ipoh town. The breakfast buffet is from 7am to 10.30am, Garden Terrace is open-air style, located just next to the entrance of the theme park. Not much photos for the environment, we not only dined there, but also sat there to enjoy the fresh air and spectacular view around the place. 
Overall, the food is okay but I was quite disappointed with the porridge they have; btw I forgot to take the fruit photos lol. Throughout the 2 days I was there, I feel that Lost World Hotel deserved good review from me, that's why I came across to write this post. Stay tuned for the theme park part...

No.2, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Malaysia.


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Determination needed.

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