October 4, 2014

The famous Soy Bean Milk & Tau Fu Fah @ Funny Mountain (奇峰) . Ipoh

Not going to post about the caves visiting we did in Ipoh, one because I don't think most of you are interest with that, second I once posted about it (but not all lol). We also visited Burps & Giggles cafe before headed back to Penang, not going to post about it either as I posted about it too, you can read the post here, my laziness is overload this week. Forgive me on this, facing the laptop screen too much just make me feel like I didn't really enjoy my weekend. Travel to Ipoh is something like you travel to Penang, other than those attraction places, the only thing you can do in the state is EAT, don't read my blog posts if you are hungry. Laugh
If you are in Ipoh but never try the soy bean milk and tau fu fah (soy bean curd) from Funny Mountain (奇峰), I think you defeat the purpose of going to Ipoh. The shop was renovated few years back, now they have the proper signboard compare to last time; I discern their changes from years to years. The thing that never change is their recipe and the huge crowd of customers. 
Customers need to queue up to order their soy bean milk or tau fu fah, don't worry with the long queue, their serving is quite fast and you do not need to wait for long. Something you will never find elsewhere is their drive-through service, brilliant idea to have this service as sometime it is quite hard to look for a parking during peak hours. 
The operating hour is starting from 10.30am onward until their beverages and tau fu fah are sold out, so please be there earlier if you don't want to be disappointed. Look at the tau fu fah container, it was almost empty when we were there around 12pm in the noon. Funny Mountain is also deemed as the Best In The World by 8TV, good job! 
Look at the happy faces when they get to eat their tau fu fah which cost RM1 per bowl, not expensive but the portion is slightly small tho. You can order extra bowl of tau fu fah if you don't have enough. Normally I prefer black sugar when I order tau fu fah but here they only have white sugar, it doesn't affect the taste btw. My parents claimed that the milk taste is overpower the taste of the soy bean (they prefer the one they have in Penang), nonetheless the tau fu fah is super smooth. 

49, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.

Business Hours
10.30am till finish (Daily)

Contact Number
012-516 1607


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Rain, keep it small.

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