October 12, 2014

Bingsu Bingsu! at Caffe Bene . Gurney Paragon

I first know about this Korean famous snack - Bingsu was from my cousins as I saw them shared the Bingsu experience in their social media, they were trying out the bingsu when Caffe Bene opened their first outlet in Kuala Lumpur. Everyone seems so excited when the first outlet is opened; when I scroll my facebook news feed, I saw friends from Kuala Lumpur share Bingsu photos as well. I was thinking that: is the Bingsu really that nice? It's something like our local ice kacang what... Then, Penang has the first Caffe Bene outlet in Gurney Paragon Mall; my friend (who just came back from Korea) brainwash me saying that it is so awesome to have it in our island and from her Korea trip, she claimed that she saw this cafe at every area she been. 

Last few days, we were suffered from the hot weather due to the haze, I was sweat like hell even I did nothing at home. Then I think of this Caffe Bene and decided to get some Bingsu to chill us up after our dinner.
Many of the Penangites have the same thought too that make the cafe so crowded, we were so lucky to have the last seats in the indoor, yay yay; I quite like their al-fresco (open air) area but definitely not during the hazy night. 'Bene' here means 'good', with the brand name Caffe Bene, it means good cafe. Since we brought our parents together, while they had their seats I was queuing to order the Bingsu! 
Other than Bingsu, Caffe Bene also offer nice waffle, toast, beverages and gelato; I'm going to save those for my next visit. While waiting for your turn to order, you can read on their Bingsu menu, and choose the size you want; the size for double seems too much.
Here's the guide on how to eat Bingsu:
Step 1: Take pictures (they really understand what's the trend now lol) 
Stop 2: Mix it well including the gelato
Step 3: Enjoy your Bingsu! 
Once you have your order placed, they will give you this coaster, we only need to proceed to counter for collection when the coaster is vibrates. The wifi password is also stated on the top of this coaster. 
Coffee Bingsu | RM12.80 for single
Green Tea Bingsu | RM12.80 for single
If not mistaken, their top seller Bingsu goes to Green Tea, Coffee and Cookies & Cream, which they also show the samples near to the counter. Other than that, they do offer other flavors; the latest one is Strawberry flavor but my dad don't like sour fruits so we dropped this from our list and ordered Coffee flavor instead. If you are chocolate or milo lover, I would recommend you to try their Choco Devil Bingsu, lots of fudge brownies are included in the Bingsu. Not really my type as I feel it will be quite sweet on my first sight. Every Bingsu is comes with a gelato which match the flavor your order, topped with some hazelnuts, almond flakes, red beans, coco crunch and etc (depending on which flavor you order). 
We were advice by the waiter to mixed our Bingsu once we done our photo section on it. First, we need to press the topping and gelato to the bottom of the bowl, then mix and stir well starting from the center part of the bowl. The outcome doesn't really looks good or might a little bit affect your appetite lol, but trust me, it's better to consume like this than you eat it layer by layer. Both flavors are up to our liking but all of us prefer the Green Tea one as it really heavenly good, the cream on top also makes the shaved ice and gelato taste more creamy after we mixed it. My dad seems to like the coffee Bingus more since he is a coffee lover, it tastes like espresso or cappucino I would say, feels like we were having a cuppa while eating that. Craving fixed! 

163D-1-06, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Business Hours
10am - 10pm (Daily)



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2 weeks to go! Oh yeah!

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