October 10, 2014

Table for two at The Eighty Eight Restaurant

Stay at home and thinking that I should just write something here but at the same time I'm not in the mood for blogging, but I wish to read something new here... girls being girls, lol. Finally make up my mind I should just have something short to share here, I re-visit The Eighty Eight Restaurant on the month of August for BenDan's birthday (a nickname I got for him over here, literally it means 笨蛋 and I call him so). Always feel to re-visit this restaurant again after my first visit as I really miss the food there even the price not really cute when you glance through the menu. Okay lah, it doesn't really hurt my wallet as I didn't buy any present anyway lol. 
Only 2-3 tables were occupied when we were there but after 10 minutes the restaurant was full house, not a single seats are available. 
White Wine . Red Wine | RM18/glass
Never thought that we will order wine but it only cost few dollar more than a fruit juice, so why not. It's been awhile I had wine, one because I don't really know how to enjoy it, second because I used to have wine phobia after the night that me and my friends (3 of us) finished 2 bottles of wine; quite a awful experience I would said. The red wine is from Saltram Maker's Table Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia) that give us a berries taste and aroma. The white wine is from Hole In The Water Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand), same here it's some kind of berries taste with a bit of passionfruit (knew it from menu). Not really know how to explain the taste of wine, I think I should just stop here before I go wrong. I prefer the white wine more. 
Next up, we got the homemade bread served together with their specially made butter before the meal. Something I really like over here is the bread was served warm to us, at the same times it still remain the crispiness which is really up to my liking. The flower-shape butter seems a little bit too much for the bread but we finished it as it tastes so good.
Saute Clams | RM26
This is one of their signature appetizer and it served together with an empty bowl for us to put the clam shells. The fresh clams were cooked together with white salamis in arrabbiata sauce with some white wine, butter and basil leaves. The clams were so fresh and chewy, I could also got the wine taste on my every bite, it would be better if they served this with more sauce. Thumb up. 
Spaghettini | RM40
Normally, I'll only order pasta in cream sauce instead of bolognese sauce as I got enough the latter sauce at home, my parents prefer the red sauce. This spaghetti was cooked with minced salmon, creme fraiche, water cress, lemon zest and topped with some salmon roe. When it first served to you, you might thought that the portion is rather small but it can actually fulfill your stomach, sometimes less is better than more. I like the cream sauce and it doesn't make us feel greasy, I felt to lick the sauce that leftover on the plate but I can't do that lol, table manner is very important.
Salmon | RM58
If you read my previous post, their salmon is cooked using the sous-vide technique that make the outer of the salmon so crispy but the inner of the salmon so soft. The salmon is served together with parsley puree, glazed radish and baby fennel. The taste is heavenly when I bite on the salmon, the inner is so soft and make me feel like it's still a little bit raw inside, I can't find this kind of salmon else where. This is why I always feel to order this dish whenever I'm in this restaurant.
The side that served together with salmon, I can't tell it's actually mash potato from its look until I really ate on it. Quite special when it topped with some olive oil I assumed. I quite like the services over there as the waiters will make sure you finished the appetizer before they served your main course, and every time when they walked by our table, they will asked our opinion on the food. 
Ended this post with their brown flower damask placemat. For your information, the Eighty Eight Restaurant is closed down and relocate to somewhere near China Street Ghaut, most probably take around 1-2 months to complete their renovation. Follow their Facebook page for any further information, they did shared some sneak peak on their new interior design, it is way awesome than current one, can't wait for their re-open.


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Moving Forward (nah, I'm not advertise for Toyota).

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