October 5, 2014

Thean Chun Coffee Shop (天津茶室) . Ipoh

Whenever I was in Ipoh, I only have chicken rice for my lunch or dinner, nothing else. It was great that my sister suggested that we can try something else in Ipoh and we were in Thean Chun Coffee Shop for their famous Chicken Kuey Teow Soup (Kai See Hor Fun in Cantonese). People queuing outsides the coffee shop to look for their seats, I nearly had the 'let's go somewhere else for lunch' thought when I saw this much of people waiting for their food. My sister insisted to lunch in the coffee shop, and the owner said we can just have our seats next to the coffee shop (other coffee shop) and he can bring the food to us if it's ready. 
Felt lucky that we had some soy bean curd earlier before the lunch at Funny Mountain, the chicken kuey teow soup take ages to reach us. While waiting for that, we actually ordered some food which is quite famous in the coffee shop to share around. 
This is how the little coffee shop looks like, see the crowds outside the coffee shop? Salute. Other than the chicken kuey teow soup, you can also see long queue on their chee cheong fun, caramel custard and satay stall; we ordered some to try except the caramel custard. This round, I admit that I'm a fail blogger for not remember the price for the food that we ordered. Hehe, so just enjoy the food photos. 
Here comes the Ipoh style Chee Cheong Fun which topped with dash of sesame seeds, crispy fried shallots and served together with pickled chilies which is hardly found in Penang. Some of you might don't like the taste of pickled chilies but as for me, I find it quite good to enhance the taste of the food and it's not spicy at all. We ordered the chee cheong fun with shrimp paste, the taste isn't too strong as the shallot oil a little bit cover the shrimp paste here, which is quite up to my liking! 
I read through some blogs before I continue this post and found out that the chee cheong fun and the pork satay are actually from Kong Heng Coffee Shop, most of the stalls sharing the same alley between Thean Chun and Kong Heng Coffee Shop. Why bother, as long as we get to eat the food right? Next up is the pork satay, I think it's quite hard to find pork satay in Penang so we were quite enjoy the pork satay over here. The satay is good with minimal fatty cuts of meat, it's even heavenly when we dipped the satay into the peanut sauce. 
Finally, the chicken kuey teow soup (kai see hor fun) that we waited for almost 1 hour. Once you order the chicken kuey teow soup, a number plate was given by the stall owners, they will serve your order according to the number plate, this is quite good as no one is able to cut queue. We felt quite excited when we saw the diners with number before us were served, we knew next will be us lol. The portion for this is rather small, we finished it within 3-4 minutes, not really fulfilled our empty stomach if we were not order other dishes. The taste is good but I feel it's quite similar with the Penang's prawn mee, nonetheless the kuey teow (hor fun) is super smooth! 
When we finished our lunch, I saw this little mural opposite of Thean Chun Coffee Shop, which is draw by Ernest Zacharevic, it looks like real kopi-o hanging on the metal door. 

73, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.

Business Hours
9.30am untill late lunch (Daily), Closed on Thursday

Contact Number
05-255 3076

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