September 28, 2014

Brekkie at Foh San . Ipoh

On the month of May, I had a road trip with my family to Ipoh and I finally make up my mind to post about it now, mm-hmm hope you don't mind the super duper backdated post. Before I start the post, I would just mention something outlying from this post. You may notice that I included watermark again in my photos from this post onward, I did have watermark once but I kind of stop included it on my photos thinking that it a little bit spoil the art of my photo. Laugh. Then, things just happened. I'm sure you got to read some commercial website publish and introduce new cafes in Penang or any other related post, I found out that some of my photos are on their post yet they did not credit those photos to my blog. Of course I don't mind seeing my photos been shared in commercial website, but at least they should just credit mention us (I'm not the only one facing this kind of problem I think). Thanks to my friends who tagged me on their post and let me know that my photos being used without credit, so I'm putting in the watermark to prevent this from happening again. Nah, it will happen again but at least readers with eyes will see the watermark and know the source of the photos. Okay, I'm done with this topic.

It was my sister's holiday if not mistaken, then we family thought to have a road trip to somewhere near to our island, Ipoh is definitely a good choice for us who stay in Penang as the time consume for go and fro is only around 3 hours. We departed around six in the morning as my-everything-also-know-sister said we must reach Foh San restaurant before 8am if we want to get a seat for breakfast.
It was my first time to Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant even-tho I went to Ipoh for times, but I never went there for dim sum; my previous trip to Ipoh was to had my breakfast at Sin Yin Loong for their hawker style brekkie before head up to Cameron Highlands. I knew that there are plenty of famous dim sum restaurants in Ipoh which offer cheaper price than Foh San but still I would want to give Foh San a try and my parents seems to prefer Foh San as well. 
My first impression on Foh San restaurant was: walao, how can a dim sum restaurant be so huge and grand that make it a little bit looks like a 5 star hotel. We reached there according to our schedule (8am), we already had hard time to look for a parking and the traffic in front of the restaurant was quite terrible. Foh San even provide a Take Away section next to their main entrance, quite convenient to those people who are in rush. 
We couldn't get a seat at their ground floor or I should say my sister totally ignore all the seats at the ground floor and straight went to 1st floor to look for seats. Lucky us to get a empty seats, sorry to those people who walked behind us, we got the seats first lol. 
Sat and waited for awhile, then the waiter (or waitress) will approach you, just name your preferable tea and they will serve you the tea and this paper-card. It is kind of a self-service system in Foh San, so you will need to bring this paper-card when you go pick your favorite dim sums; no queue system at their dim sum section but we kind of practiced it during our visit and people behind us also paiseh to cut queue. In case you want to know, we ordered 菊潽 (Pu Er and Chrysanthemum) for our tea.
Looking at the photos make me drool, seriously I missed the dim sum there, some of them are heavenly good! We wanted to try all their dim sums but we don't have such a big stomach to put them in. I'll not list down what I had during my visit, too much to list, if you want to know how tasty they are, pay a visit to Foh San yourselves. They do offer some desserts, but personally I don't really like the Golden Mango Sago as it is way too sweet but I still saw people queuing for this.
One of my favorite goes to their 金沙包 (Golden Sand Pau), I hardly find a dim sum restaurant selling this at my place, even if they do, the taste is just so-so. This one is superb, I like it and it remain warm even I put there for 5 minutes. Drooling again. We spent around RM107 for our breakfast, if you were ask me is it worth to spend this much for breakfast, I'll definitely say OF COURSE, they worth the price and I'll definitely go back again to have their dim sum. 

51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.

Business Hours
6.30am - 2.30pm (Daily); Closed on Tuesday

Contact Number
05-254 0308


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