September 1, 2014

Lang Hoose . late brekkie

Didn't know that there is a new cafe opened along the Beach Street until the day when we strolling around the area on bicycle; it is added in my must-visit-list then. On a fine morning where we don't know where to have breakfast (need some break for the local style brekkie), we decided to pay Lang Hoose a visit. Why Lang Hoose? It means 'Long House' in Scottish, according to Ken's blog; it is a hotel+bar+cafe to be exact. So glad that the owner said I could walk around the cafe and take photos as I wish while waiting for our food to be served, I did but photos are not being shared here as I forgot to bring the flashlight along with me, my camera always can't function well in dim light environment. No, I'm not blaming you my baby NEX.
That is the first floor where the bar is located, ground floor is mainly for cafe section. No people were here under the broiling weather, guess it would be only cheerful during late evening or night time where the sun is hiding somewhere else. 
Mango Lassi | RM7 . Banana Milkshake
They look the same here, both also in pale yellow color and I totally forgot the price for the banana milkshake, first time for being failed to remember the price. Nothing special on the beverages, but I quite like their banana milkshake as the taste is so creamy and rich.
Nasi Lemak | RM5
Said that I don't want to have local style breakfast but I still want to order the nasi lemak, as I heard that this is good over here. I don't really like to eat cucumber but I like these Japanese cucumber which with lesser/no cucumber seeds. I waited quite long for this to be served, from what I saw that day, it was the owner she did the cooking all by herself without help, luckily I was not that hungry. Overall, the nasi lemak is great with the not-so-spicy sambal, which really up to my liking. It will be even better if the fried anchovies are to be more crispy. 
All Day Breakfast | RM16
Here, we have the western style of breakfast, it's quite good but not heavenly. The red bean was served in hot, where normally I got mild cold red bean to be served at other places. You couldn't see the sausage and sauteed mushrooms in the photos (angle problem), I really enjoy their ham and the sauteed mushrooms, taste good! 
Please be informed that Lang Hoose Cafe is currently closed for minor refurbishment, I think they will change some menus to serve you better. For any updates on the cafe, please refer to their facebook page. 

269, Lebuh Pantai, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
8am - 3pm (cafe); 5pm - late (bar) | Open Daily

Contact Number
012-220 8774


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It's September. Count down-ing again


  1. Pretty colourful cafe with cheap breakfast! :D

    1. Yeah, got chance you may want to visit the cafe!