September 16, 2014

Patisserie Equateur (赤道法式烘焙) . sun shines after the rain

I started to realize that more and more cafes are mushrooming not only in Penang island, but also in Butterworth, it's a good news to people who stay at mainland (my sister) as they don't need to travel far to have high tea. As for me, I don't really bother to travel far just to have a meal, as long as the food are worth for it; I can travel to Raja Uda for lunch and come back to the island which to and fro spend around 1 hour. Whenever I'm in Butterworth, it's a must to look for my sister moreover it's her school holidays now and she got nothing to do at home I assume lol. It was not a good day when I departed from my home, rain started to pour heavily when I happily having my lunch somewhere near to Chai Leng park. Lucky us as the rain stopped when I reached my sister's place, without second thought, we decided to head out for high-tea; yup girls always have more space for dessert. 
Wanted to go Patisserie Equateur (赤道法式烘焙) for so long since early of this year where they just started their business, too bad it was not open when I was there, few times and I started to lose hope on them. Nah, just kidding. My sister went there few months back and she promised to bring me here as she kind of likes the desserts; from the photos, those desserts really look good  and they a little bit make me feel to visit this patisserie eventho I'm not a dessert lover. 
We look for our seats first before we made any order at the counter, the helpful staff keep recommended their signature dessert such as Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake (nah, the word chocolate scared me off), Creme Brulee (wanted to try other dessert than this) and Crispy Cream Puff (my sister had it before, so I thought to order something else). 
There's a self service corner where you can get your ice water or refill the hot water into your pot of tea; we didn't went to the corner that day as the staff did help us refill the hot water. We just sat there and enjoy our tai-tai moment. 
Lady Moon | RM13.90
High tea moment wouldn't complete without a tea set, so we ordered Lady Moon, one of their signature which is a combination of French Rose, Lavender and Osmanthus. This is a 2 pax set, RM1 surcharge is needed for additional one more cup. Le sister said that they served transparent glass cup on her previous visit, I saw some of the diners also using the glass cup, most probably they were out of cups, so they served this fleury cups; I kind of heart this cups! Never try this combination of tea before, it is quite refreshing to me.
Iced Caramel Macchiato | FOC
We were so lucky that they having a promotion that with every purchase above RM35 in single receipt, we will get a free iced caramel macchiato. Don't ask me when is the promotion ended as they didn't stated it in their Facebook page either, the promotion will be carried out according to customer's responses. Again, they were out of cups, that's why they serve this in a plastic container. This is up to my liking as it doesn't taste too sweet with the amount of caramel, at the end of your sip, you can taste the mild coffee taste, which is quite suit my need. 
Mont-Blanc | RM17
Was quite in shocked when I saw its name on the receipt. As the name given, the baker made this dessert according to the appearance of European Alps mountain, Mont-Blanc. For the orthodox of Mont-Blanc dessert, the chestnut cream is in brown color, they sprinkle some icing on the cream and topped with a chestnut; there is a mango pudding inside the chestnut cream. This taste a little bit too sweet because of the chestnut cream, but if you eat it with the mango pudding it will be just fine. Personally, I don't really like it as the chocolate cookies at the bottom is so hard and we even having trouble to cut it with a knife; we made a big mess while cutting this. 
French Vanilla Brulee Cake | RM10.90
This is my favorite! It doesn't taste sweet yet at the same time it's so creamy with the brulee sandwiched between the thin sponge cake. Since all their French dessert require a very delicate handmade process, so the quantity of each dessert is quite limited, if you wanted to try their signature, I think you need to reach there earlier. I was quite surprise to see they topped some edible gold flakes on blueberry, I never have dessert with gold flakes before! The gold flake is actually tasteless but it makes the dessert looks grand, don't you think so? I would go back to Patisserie Equateur for this! Heavenly good. 
Macarons | FOC
Again, when we almost finished our dessert, the staff served the macarons to us, which are free of charge as well. Lucky us that day! My sister claimed that the macarons are too sweet, but for me it is just nice. I started to love macarons more and more eventho it taste quite sweet, but I can accept it; I can't accept the sweetness from chocolate tho. 
等一個人 . 花茶

41, Lorong Teras Jaya 2, Kawasan Perindustrian Teras Jaya, 13400 Butterworth, Penang.

Business Hours
1pm - 11pm; Closed on Monday



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Am I going on the right path I wonder?

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