August 24, 2014

Nando's Peri-Vilege

Do you like Nando's? It's quite hard for me not to like the food, every time I passed by the restaurant, the smell keep twiddle my nose and it started to make me miss the food. There are sure few times in a year that I dine in Nando's either with my family or friends. If you read my previous post here, you will know I sign up for their membership before that cost around RM10. 
This is the card design I got myself (out of 4 designs), let's talk about the old peri-vileges that I got through the membership. Once I sign up the card, we can choose a date as our anniversary day with Nando's, you will receive a SMS/e-mail from Nando's that you entitled for a quarter chicken set during that month. Not only that, during your birthday month, you also entitled another quarter chicken set, it's so cool to have free food right for just sign up that membership. Once in a blue moon, you will receive another SMS/e-mail/postcards that inform you what promotion is on-going in their restaurant. 
This month, I received their letter that Nando's going to upgrade their peri-vilege system, it means no more using the card I got previously; okay will just keep it for my collection then. On the envelope itself, you will know the new method is something related to apps/software once you read that "slide to unlock...". I'm quite enjoy the old method and it served me well, but I understand people need to improve, and let's enjoy the new peri-vilege we got here. I'm going to share how you can sign up the membership for FREE and enjoy their peri-vilege like me, in case you do not have this kind of information. 
First, you will need to search the app "Nando's MY" in App Store (if you are android user, search it in Play Store), the size is only 30MB++, wouldn't eat your space too much. Wait patiently until the next move. 
Open the app once it completed download in your phone, slide to left or right until you see this "Peri-Vilege" on your screen and tap it.
Just forget about the old peri-vilege if you did sign up the card like me previously, the new system means you need to register again.
Once you tap "Register", it will switch you to Safari app (mine is like that, ain't sure if yours are the same or not), fill up all your information and there is a column stated as "optional". I recommend you to spend few seconds to fill in the information as you will be rewarded a Chili once you completed the column; will tell you how the Chili work in later part. 
You are almost there! You will then receive a SMS with the Verification Code, key-in in the Nando's MY app and that's it!
You will have your own membership number. What you need to do is flash this app with your membership number on the screen upon ordering to start collect Chilies. These chilies are for you to earn your rewards; spend a minimum of RM30 (in single receipt, excluding government tax and service charge) and you can get a Chili. Like I told you earlier, you are entitled a Chili after you fill in the optional information while registering the membership, tap "View My Chili/Rewards" to check total of chilies you have earn so far. 

What rewards you will get from the Chilies? Here's the answer:
  • The 3rd Chili gets you 1/4 chicken
  • The 6th Chili gets you 1/2 chicken
  • The 9th Chili gets you whole chicken
After you've collected 9th Chili, Nando's will restart your Chili journey from 1st Chili while all of your saved rewards remain in your membership account. So now I have 1 Chili in my account, 2 more to go then I'll earn my 1/4 chicken, how worth! For more info, you may just read Nando's peri-vilege website here to know how to redeem the rewards. Wait no more, take your smart phone now and download the app! 

. . . . . . . . . . .

We made pizza for lunch just now! Om nom nom.

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