September 21, 2014

Wheeler's Coffee, Love Lane

It's just another backdated post, I don't really explore new cafes nowadays as the killing weather stop me from going out from my house. I still go out before the sun popping out and after it going down, and I mostly re-visit old cafes instead of new one as I don't have much energy to wait and look for a seat in new cafe; people tend to love the new and loathe the old. I'll just skip those grandmother's stories and start with this post.
Finally paid Wheeler's Coffee a visit, parking surely a problem whenever you come to Love Lane, if you are lucky enough, you might get the VIP parking lot right in front of the cafe. The cafe serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, other than that they do rent their bicycles which hanging outside the cafe. Rent and ride a bicycle in Georgetown area is a trend now. 
Countless of bicycles are used to decorate the cafe, even the murals are with bicycle drawing as well. Maybe the cafe is still new, they have limited choices on the food menu but all their price are surprisingly affordable. During the day we went, at first we wanted to sit upstairs but the staff said they do have seats on the ground floor, if all tables are occupied on the ground floor, they will only open the first floor for seating. Don't really like this as I feel I have the right to choose where to sit in the cafe, don't you think so? Or maybe they just lack of staffs to look after the first floor, so they prefer us to occupy the ground floor first. Hmm....
Frappe Green Tea . RM12.90 | Yogurt Smoothie Mango . RM12.90
Iced Mocha . RM11.90 | Latte . RM9.90
I didn't try their coffee but my friend who is quite typical with coffee said that their coffee is good, and they are willing to come back this cafe for more coffee. I had their yogurt smoothie mango, it is really good to have cold beverages during hot noon, other than that I do not find any special on the smoothie, most of them taste the same. I tried to sip on the frappe green tea, I nearly cough to death on my first sip as the frappe green tea is quite powdery and tickling my throat. After I used to it, then no more the tickling feel on my throat, it would be better if they make the frappe green tea not so powdery. 
Aglio Olio | RM11.90
Wanted to order their seafood carbonara, but the staff said it was out of stock so we ordered this instead. Lucky us to have this dish, as this is the tastiest dish we had in the cafe, it will be better if they make this portion bigger, we actually finished this dish like few mouths only. Normally, you can only get plain spaghetti whenever you order aglio olio, but here they do cooked the spaghetti together with some sliced bacon and mushrooms. Appreciate their afford to make this so tasty eventho it's quite oily but I somehow quite in love with the greasy taste of this! 
Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese | RM13.90
Normally, we only get minced chicken whenever you order spaghetti with bolognese sauce, but this is quite special as they served the fried chicken breast in this dish. Thumb up for their creativity, the portion ain't big as well but the chicken breast somehow will make you full. I read some food blogs, and they do comment the same that Wheeler's Coffee serve convincing spaghetti than other dishes, I strongly agree with this statement and would come back this cafe for their spaghetti but not others. 
Fish & Chips | RM15.90
I ordered this on the sake of trying new food than only spaghetti, but it's quite disappointing as I waited for more than 1 hour just to get this; all my friends finished their spaghetti but for me, I'm still waiting for my fish & chips like forever. Finally when it reached me, I expected that I can have heavenly dish but I didn't (on some aspect). The chips taste better than the fish as they topped some lime/lemon sauce on the fish, it taste quite sour to me, it's not up to my liking. Imaging when you have only 5 minutes to finish this super hot dish, I got no time to judge is it good or not as we were actually rushing to Gurney for movie after that. If they can served this earlier, I might have another thought on this, you say true or not? Anyway, it's only my personally opinion, don't judge them according to my words, as they might improve their serving after a month I visited them. 
Green tea Mille Crepe | RM10.90
Don't really remember the name as it was ordered by another friend, to celebrate PK's birthday, nah, a photo of me and him, weee... The cake is quite good, and I like their chocolate art on the plate, I saw other diners also have pretty chocolate arts when they order their cakes. We also finished it in 2-3 minutes due to lack of time. Hopefully Wheeler's Coffee can serve more varieties of food when I re-visit again. 

67, Jalan Love Lane, 10200 Georgetwon, Penang. 

Business Hours
10am - 11pm (Weekdays); 10am - 12am (Weekends)

Contact Number
04-261 3570


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