March 30, 2014

Family outing . Brown Pocket

Finally it's raining these days even it was just awhile and the weather become hotter after the rain; but I kinda like today's weather, not so hot even the sun is hanging up high. Just came back from my annual family trip (hopefully we can make it every year) to Hatyai and who say there have nothing to visit or play, I'll show some on my next Hatyai post. The weather is quite alike ours but with strong wind which is better than here. Back to this topic; it is been awhile we family didn't go out to have hi-tea (normally is lunch or dinner), this round my dad was joining us, most probably he don't feel to stay at home alone.
We went to Brown Pocket which located at Gurney Paragon Mall, thinking that we can have some shopping done after the tea session. 
The interior here is pretty simple with the center area that build like a tree, dine-under-the-tree-concept, and the table arrangement is quite spacious, you need no worry you couldn't find a seat to dine here. You need to place your order at the counter area and tell them your seat number, they will serve your order once it's ready. 
I saw some people spending their noon time in Brown Pocket with their laptop (they provide numerous of socket in the cafe) doing assignment I guess; if you wish to spend your day over there, try to pick your book or magazine from the colorful rack and read on. I bet it will be a good day for you spending the way like this.
You will see this gunny sack upon you walk in the cafe; the routine should be like this: take one of the menu from gunny sack, place your order at counter and put the menu back in the gunny sack. We were so funny as we skipped the first step, we didn't noticed the existence of menu in the gunny sack, glad that the waiter brought the menu to our table.
Americano (RM7.90) . Apple Orange Smoothie (RM13.90) . Mocha (RM11.90)
The wooden table has become a good background for us to take a top down photo on our beverages and food, do you agree? My dad's style to have his coffee addiction fix wherever he go, so the Americano just suit him much. He always couldn't figure out why we girls can spend so much of time in the same place, he finished the Americano and hint us it's time to leave Brown Pocket and do some shopping. Laugh. Again, my sister order Mocha wherever she go, she just don't feel to try other beverages than her favorite. As for me, the Salted Caramel Latte (without coffee) in the menu kind of caught my sight and I ordered that, too bad it's out of order with some reason. Dislike the feeling where I need to re-pick another beverages/food. I ended up with the Apple Orange Smoothie which turn out surprise me much with the refreshing taste! Glad that I pick the cold beverage to chill myself in the hot day.
Triple Chocolate . RM14.50
It's all about waffle and pancake when you come to Brown Pocket and the Triple Chocolate is their signature waffle where I can see most of the people order this during their visit. Triple Chocolate is served with fresh strawberries, chocolate ice cream (it's depend on the availability of ice cream flavor in fridge) topped with oreo crunch and not to forget their 3 type of chocolate sauces (milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate). Drip those chocolate sauces on the top of waffle and ice cream so that it wouldn't taste so dry, if you do not prefer sweet thing like me, drip some will do. One thing to pinpoint, if you want to take photos on it and posted them in your social platform, please act fast as the chocolate sauces will be harden fast, you wouldn't want this happen isn't it?
Grilled Banana . RM13.90
This is my style of dessert which is up to my liking as I really couldn't bear only chocolate for my hi-tea, I will get diabetes if it does happen. Nah, just kidding. It's a 3 layer pancakes topped with ice cream (not banana flavor tho) served with grilled banana and walnut. I strongly recommend this to you even it might not be their signature, their grilled banana is just too awesome until I couldn't find a word to describe it. My parents also prefer this than Triple Chocolate, not too sweet and it's healthier I guess. 
Brown Pocket already opened for almost 6 months but we noticed that their operation is still under a mess, most probably they do not have enough waitress/waiter to serve all. All of our orders were served yet they keep bringing more beverages, food to our table, like 3-4 times. Other than that, we kind of like their services and they didn't let us wait too long for our food to serve.

No. 163D-6-11, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Business Hours
10am - 11.30pm (Daily)

Contact Number


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Big Bad Wolf Penang ended today, luckily I manage to get some books.

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