March 9, 2014

Laid-back . The Alley

Woke up early in the morning and I just realize I didn't have any post up for this week, it's like a norm for me to have at least one post weekly, hope I can persist this and share new thing to my readers. When I said my sister has become my partner in crime hunting new cafe, this round, my mum joined us as she simply feel to have some sweet tooth to cure her dessert addiction.
It's easily to know a newly open cafe from social network where you can see people starting to post delicious food and great ambient to dine-in; it caught my eyes with no failure everytimes. It's pretty hard to choose a cafe out of a long list (my sister actually list down a number of cafes she feel to go, and some of it I never been before either), we decided to go The Alley where the parking is a total pain at Stewart Lane. The Alley is actually located next to the Goddess of Mercy Temple, if you couldn't find the metal signboard of the cafe, try to look for Kedai Gaharu Keat Seang, it's former name of this shop.
My first thought when I open the entrance door, wah the cafe is quite small huh until I saw a sign written they have more space behind, with sofa chair! We picked our seat there since there was no on occupied yet and we will have total freedom to talk and take photos. But it's just next to their washroom if you don't mind, you may need to move your chair a bit so that they will have a small path for people who go to washroom. Other than this, you can start to have your selfie with wooden signboard provided or doodle on the wall. 
It's not the end after your have your seat settle, you need to get your order place at their counter. It's quite easy to decide what to try, only 2 snacks were available that day as their refrigerator was spoiled a week back and they couldn't have cake done on time. 
They have a small range of Malaysian-designed Pestle & Mortar tees and shorts; it's quite good you can have shopping done in a cafe. 
Caramel Latte (RM11) . Choc Mint Frappe (RM13)
I'm back to coffee now, not really unless I got someone to share with me. Have no idea why I had caramel latte, I think the rest contain more caffeine compare with this one and I couldn't have cold beverages. The caramel latte surprise me with not-that-sweet nor not-that-bitter, up to my liking, I can really finish it by my own. I once heard a good latte art wouldn't change it's design/pattern when you drink it, I try to sip here and there and I still have the heart shape until I finished it off. As for the chocolate mint frappe, I didn't try it but my sister and mum seem to like it as the mint really chilling during this hot weather. 
Churros with Dip . RM9 (for big one)
They will ask you what you prefer for the dip, you can choose two and we had salted caramel and nutella, for my sister whatever dip with nutella is a heaven, it's too sweet for me. Have my first try on churros and it's quite good (I haven't try churros from other cafes, so let's say it's the best until I found another), taste like English You Tiao. Googled it and it's a fried doughnut serve as a snack / breakfast which usually dipped in hot chocolate by Spanish. It's quite good to eat like this without any dip, my thought. 
Cronut . RM8
This is the highlight of the day, cronut is actually a cross between croissant and doughnut, it is drenched generously with the topping of your choice (we went for chocolate). They serve this up with a thumb size of fried doughnut placed under the cronut, looks like an art piece where we have number of photos before eat. My mum sit there and show the when-only-I-can-eat-those-face, she was so relief when we finally keep our camera / phone away from the table. It's really good because I have more bites on it eventho it drench with a lot of chocolate; crispy outside but fluffy inside and it's served warm upon ordering. Must try!
Well well, I have my selfie up for this post as I really like these photos, looks good isn't it? Laugh. We had a lot of fun with their wooden signboard and one of it is: fatdieme or fattybombom; frankly you need to say goodbye with your waist line if you come over to have their churros and cronut, heavenly good! 

5, Stewart Lane, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
12pm - 12am (Daily)

Contact Number



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