April 5, 2014

First attempt at Isaribi Tei Japanese Restaurant

Always passed by Burmah Road and I know the existing of Isaribi Tei Japanese Restaurant but I never been there before until this time. Same with some of my friends, I thought it's quite hard to find a parking lot around the Chow Thye Road; they do provide a free car park at their back entrance, click here to find the map where I found from net, it teaches you on how to turn into their free parking area. I do not have a photo on the exterior of the restaurant, just google it and you will find it's familiar to Penangites. Not really into shutterbug mood that night, just simply take some photos and thought to share to you who love fine food. 
The owner of the restaurant (I think he is a Japanese) blending Western and Japanese element into his interior decorations. 
You can see everything they serve to you are simple yet nice; no printed napkins, no fancy chopsticks but it gives you a feel, home. 
Rainbow Maki . RM25
Talk no more, let's start with their food. I'm kind of suffering myself now by posting the food photos here, I'm really hungry as I only had porridge for my brunch and my tummy is playing drums rapidly now. Awwh. Back to the topic, the rainbow maki came first; the sashimi rolls are laid on top with variety of fishes which give it a colorful look (that's why they named it Rainbow). I really like these sushi as the sushi here is unlike those you can find elsewhere, it's full with plenty of ingredients with less rice. You can really taste the freshness from the raw fishes and you can see how my salmon shine on the top! 
Grilled Mackerel, Yakitori, Kimuchi & Potato Salad . RM22
I had a difficulty to choose what to have for my main course, they provide a lot of bento and I end up choosing this with a lot of ingredients. Let's talk about the kimuchi first, this is the Japanese style kimchi, more or less the same like the Korean kimchi but less spicy and sour, it's quite a good starter together with the potato salad. I chose the grilled mackerel instead of salmon (if not mistaken the grilled salmon is more expensive and I thought to have something else that night), the portion isn't big for the mackerel maybe because this bento already come with yakitori and skewered squid. For your information yakitori is grilled chicken, and these skewered chicken and squid are up to my liking, it's so juicy!
Garlic Rice (RM4) . Teriyaki Chicken (RM16)
If you do not like bento, you can order a garlic rice like this and add-pn another side dishes, I highly recommended the teriyaki chicken to you. I realized that the way they grilled chicken (or squid, fishes and etc) is really up to standard; this teriyaki chicken is grilled and with a little bit of char (but not too much) on the chicken, perfect match with the teriyaki sauce. The dish is come along with a scoop of potato salad too. The garlic rice is really cheap which cost only RM4 and it come together with a miso soup, they didn't do a slipshod cooking either, the garlic rice is not greasy at all.
Lastly, the complimentary watermelon slices is provided once you had done your main course. Even the price of this restaurant is a little bit higher than those outlets you can find in a mall, but I saw lots of people still coming here to have their fine Japanese food, I don't mind spending more to have good food either. 

60 & 62 Chow Thye Road, 10050 Penang.

Business Hours
12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 10pm (Daily)

Contact Number


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I wish everyday is Saturday.

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