March 16, 2014

The Family Style Dining . Italiannies

Sometimes it's quite hard to figure where should I dine for my dinner if don't want to go for Penang local style, sometimes you will have other craving after so many local food, at least it happens on me. Some restaurants are too fine to dine (I'm okay with this on special occasion), some cafes do not serve main course that can fulfill me for dinner; when I come to this contradiction, the best choice will fall on restaurants in shopping mall, we get to eat after some shopping spree although I didn't get anything that day.
I once tried Italiannies at Kuala Lumpur few years back where I merely have any impress now, but I still remember they served large portion with reasonable price, we do not know on the first time and we ordered a lot till we can't even finish, I will not did the same on my next try lol. Lucky us now Italiannies open in Gurney Paragon Mall, you need not travel to Kuala Lumpur for this next time.
Some shots on the interior. There were not much diners when we went inside where we can have more selective where to get our seat, sofa seats always make me surrender. If you want to have some sip only, not that proper meal, you might consider the outdoor seats.
Like usual Italian restaurant, they will served the complimentary bread once you place your order, together with the mixture of vinegar and olive oil for dipping purpose. Too bad they didn't refill for us once we finished that 4 pieces of bread, most of the places wouldn't refill I guess except Via Pre. Quite regret to order the bottomless Orange Fruit Juice (RM9.50), it's actually from Tropicana Twister unless you order their Fresh Fruit Juice; moreover I can actually get their wine if I add few more tokens. 
Clams - Fra Diavolo . RM28.90
Wanted to try their starter also other that the main course, but it seems like the starters listed in their menu is quite heavy; either fried, meat or cheese, we go for the Mussels/Clams In A Pot session and I like clams more. They have 2 signature under this session, Fra Diavolo and Creme Fraiche, at first we went for the latter but they said it's not available that time so ended up we have Fra Diavolo. They served the clams simmered in a tomato chili broth, squeeze some lemon in this pot and the broth become tastier with the bit of sourness. Garlic bread were served together with this pot of clams, just dip them in the broth and let them tickle your taste-buds. 
Seafood Risotto . RM36.90
The portion of their pasta really shocked me on the first time, I was so glad to find out that risotto is available in their menu (2 choices - mushrooms or seafood). You have no idea how much I love risotto, it's rice you know, it's not the normal rice we eat at home but the Arborio rice which contain higher amylopectin starch content, means it will make the rice chewy and creamy, best for risotto! A medley of seafood (mussels, clams, prawns and squids) sauteed in white wine topped on the Arborio rice which up-front simmered in mussels and clams broth, you will have mouthful taste even you only eat their rice without any seafood.
We didn't thought much before order the food, we only realized we have too much of clams when they served the dishes, quite guilty on this lol. I surely will come here again, for their food and of course their service is quite good as well. 

Lot 1-31, Level 1, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Business Hours
11am till midnight (Daily)

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I'm really torturing myself posting the risotto's photo.