March 29, 2013

High Tea @ Victoria Rossa English Tea Room

Cracking head what to do at noon hours with your deary and loves one? I'm going to share my high-tea moment that I went weeks ago with boyfie and friends. Girls always fascinate with flowery and girlish thing while boys mostly will focus on their handy gadget; that's why we planned for a high-tea at Victoria Rossa English Tea Room together so that boys won't get bored while we girls soaking in the Victorianism environment (they provide strong wi-fi connection here that made le boys so happy).  
I can feel their effort by seeing the menu, but the quantity of menus they have are not sufficient when the place is flooded; I need to mention that they are so caring to stated the preparation time for every food in the menu. Applause.
Even the name card design is so girlish, took it to keep but ended up I left it there. I didn't manage to took the outlook of this restaurant, always fail to do this when I'm at new places. Was planning to take the photo after our high-tea but pouring rain stopped me from that.
Was full house that day, pro is we were lucky to get a private room instead of sharing the crowded place with others, con is we were off in one room, I didn't have chance to snap the interior design, I was shy to do so. From our room we still managed to have little garden view behind the lacy curtain. We were told that it's better to make reservation during weekend, we are not that lucky every time. 
Over here, you will be treated like Queen, waitress will try to provide everything you need to make you feel home. Here's the basket for our bags, you don't need to worry food or sauce will drop on your lovely bag anymore, but please be sure it won't drop on you instead.
Victoria Rossa World's Finest English Tea . RM9-RM12 per pot
This is the bane that attract girls, who don't want their high-tea to be so girlish and fine, correct no? Every pot of tea is tagged with the tea name you ordered in case you mixed it up; I heart the black flowery cloth cover and the cup, those cups are seems to be pair up with the color of cover. Only pour the tea after 5 mins, we been told like this and you are allow to refill the hot water once. Saw the "VR" metal tag? I first thought it's some kind of decoration, but I proved myself wrong by open the pot lid...
Ta-dah! It's the container to put the tea leaves so that they won't flow out when you pour the tea, yeah, love tea with origin tea leaves! 
Done with the drinks, let's move on to the food aka snacks; they even provide us the flowery tableware.
Old English Afternoon Tea Set (1 pax) . RM36.90
This classy high-tea set seems like a must for girls, a pot of Victoria Rossa English Tea is come together in this set, so for the food is around RM20+. The first layer we have English Tea Toast Almond Cookies and Orange Meringue; the cookies are not that munchy after we put them under the air-con for times, should have taste it first. You guys should know I'm not really like Scone but somehow I'm okay with this, it's not that greasy like others and the strawberry jam is the bonus point. The sandwich seems too normal for us, nothing special but the butter cake really taste good! If you feel to have more, they actually provide a la carte pastry as well. 
Old English Cottage Sandwich . RM16.90
This is the larger version of the sandwich we have in the tea set, the only different is they added premium cheese between the bread; you can choose either turkey ham or home blend tuna. The portion is actually too big for one person, sharing is recommended.
Raisin Scone . RM6
We ordered additional scones but this one started to make us feel greasy, I feel that the original one would be the best among all other choices. And, this is the first time of my life seeing the chocolate scone but too sweet for me.
People of the day. Girls were extremely happy with the fine high-tea session and wished for more like every quarterly we must at least have one. But this thought straight away banned by the boys and they said this should be yearly instead. But, let's see how. Laugh

Victoria Rossa English Tea Room
Location: No.33, Jalan Irrawaddy, 10050 Penang. (opposite Harvest Inn)
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily); Closed on Tuesday
Contact Number: 04-2269128

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Is going to watch Ip Man later.

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