April 12, 2013

Cuppa at The Daily Dose Cafe

[When I passed by the cafe again, I noticed that this cafe is shut down - updated on Year 2014]

First post for April, my month, I knew that I was neglected here for no reason, just felt like spending more time with my bed instead of lappie. Here am I again to share every little bit of my life and also Penang foodie! I know that most of the Penangite or people who've come in Penang enjoy the local cuisine, same to me; still, I love to dredge up some new cafe which is mushrooming rapidly nowadays. 
Went to The Daily Dose Cafe on a rainy afternoon which is located at Lebuh Carnarvon near to the junction of Lebuh Chulia. Remember this sign board of theirs, I spotted the pinkish rose building because of this not-so-obvious sign board too.
Bumped into few angmo (foreigner) backpackers when we stepped inside the cafe, they were so focus on their gadget, why so serious?! 
Newspaper and magazines are prepare for diners, in case girls plan to immerse here for hours, boys can just grab one to read then.
The counter where barista make your great coffee and tea from. Noticed that they placed some dried nutmeg seed in front of the counter, they do served white nutmeg juice, here is the seeds they took out from the nutmeg fruit, as a decor. 
Awwh, found something that me heart, a rustic tin that full of jequirity seeds and a big metal crane that remind me of primary school.
The pretty lady that served us on that afternoon, she is not local but angmo. Spotted the large blackboard that covering one wall of the cafe listing down all food choices. This added the arty vibe into the tiny cafe that offers Mediterranean styled salads, sandwiches, bagels, drinks and desserts. Heard that they actually served fresh fruit palatas (ice lollies) but I didn't get to try it, I want to try!!!
After you placed your order, ice water with drips of lemon juice is served before your meals and drinks. My gryphon tea - English Breakfast Tea (RM6) on the left and le boyfie's Iced Latte (RM11) in the middle. They actually served wine as well, list of wine is jotted on another blackboard. 
Grilled Cheese Sandwich . RM14
This sandwich is a good presentation of their flavour style, you can see the sandwich oozes generously with melted cheddar cheese with lots of rocket leaves. If you don't like veggie, you may try their Cubano sandwiches which stuff with ham. Le boyfie not really into veggie but I made him eat half; that's the only food we ordered since our lunch was yet to digest.
Found out that most of the uncle around here pay their visit like everyday, the lady know what they need without taking order. It's like a coffee addict-er needed to come here daily for a dose of coffee to heal the desire.

The Daily Dose Cafe
Location: 8C, Lebuh Carnarvon, 10200 Gergetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am-7pm (Daily); Closed on Wednesday
Contact Number: 04-2612063
Facebook Page: The Daily Dose Cafe

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It's just another two weeks from my day.

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