March 11, 2013

Places in Cameron Highlands

It's been awhile since my visit to Cameron Highlands, still I have the mood to write about places I went over there; but let's make it a bit quickie, I'll combine places I went in only one post! Yeah, super duper lazy me to intro them one by one, so this would be the best way for me and for you to read them all. Other than the places I'm gonna write about, of course we still went to night market, experienced steamboat session in winter-like weather (raining make the night so chilly), had ice cuppa in Starbucks (for us it's a MUST, laugh) and heart-to-heart talk during the last night in Cameron. Kinda miss the feeling getting away from hustle and bustle of the city.
# Bee Farms
I think we only saw a few of bees flying in the farm, most of them sleep in the bee boxes is it? So damn lazy to fly out in the seem-to-be-rain weather. Been here for only half hour since there is nothing special to attract us, didn't try the honey stick they selling there either.
# Cactus Valley
Saw plenty of cactus in the valley, I like those with small size which wouldn't grow big one, some of the species are quite special which I saw them first time in my life, some are too huge and looks creepy, yucks. At the moment, I felt itchy heart to grab small pots of cactus yet my logos stop me from this as my house got 3 little cactus already.
# Rose Centre
A heaven to most of the girls except me, I'm not a rose lover (except for the champagne color one) even more not a flower lover, I prefer you gave me the money or foodie, me got no romantic cell at all. We tried to climb up to the top of the valley but failed due to our starvation, the height did freak me out although I knew it's pretty safe that wouldn't make me fall.
# BOH Tea Centre
A must-go place in Cameron Highlands! I remember I once went to a tea farm years ago in Cameron which I always thought that is BOH Tea Centre, this time it overthrow my thought, it was not and this is it! Like the scenery, like the way they built the BOH cafe on the top of the tea farm but hate the confined road over there, it's a total insane and I doubt I have the courage to drive there.
# Big Red Strawberry
If you say you didn't see/eat/buy strawberries over here, I think none of us will believe that you actually went to Cameron Highlands before. Bought a few boxes of strawberries, but they seems started to get spoiled on the next day and taste so sour, oh my gosh!
# The Lake House
Last but not least, we did went to The Lake House and The Smoke House but we didn't dine over there, just to take some nice shots and ciao! Both of them actually look the same; we had some hard time setting up our tripod to have this shot, but nice one! Big heart.

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I need different activities.


  1. Cameron是一个永远都不会过时的好地方! :)

    1. Haha! Indeed but sometimes it's quite sien but I truly like the weather there!