March 15, 2013

Nostalgie Cafe @ Steward Lane

[Nostalgie Cafe is moved to 15A Rangoon Road since September 2013]

It's another Friday and flyday for me, bought ticket for the night time movie - Ah Boy to Men 2; thanks to Citibank we can now enjoy our Friday with buy 1 free 1 movie ticket day! Before the date, let's see what I had tried in the lovely island this time. Knew Nostalgie Cafe for some times yet I never went there until now, really fed up with the parking problem over the alleys in Georgetown, but I guess this is the trait over here. I still remember the sun was killing us that time but we still clinging to find Nostalgie out.
We were the first diner in Nostagie, the friendly waiter allowed us to choose our table freely, we sat nearby the patio as the ventilation will be better than the indoor. But I wonder why they still installed air-con at these area, kind of wasted no? 
Love this spot but the router seems a bit otiose in the photo; if I'm not wrong the item they use to make into lamp is urn, you can see many of them inside the restaurant, a type of design I wonder. Pretty cool isn't it?
If you want to go washroom, you may need to go upstairs, they renovated their washroom well, and I found some drawings there too.
Heart their menu design, the hard cover is well-made just to hold 3-4 pages menu. Yoohoo, scroll down to see what we had there!
Garden Salad with Chicken . RM18
I thought salad will served in small portion, just like a starter to kick start our meal, but I was wrong, this is really a huge portion and can be the main course for someone who is on diet. It is really healthy with all the veggies but over here, they are just too much, laugh! I do not know how I got my willpower to finish this by my own (half of it), most of my friends not really like it tho.
Cheesy Garlic Bread . RM10
The garlic bread was served in 4 pcs, and taste really awesome when you have it while they are still warm. You might not like it if you don't like garlic, they are really generous to give you a lot a lot of garlic; it will be better if the cheese in the same portion too.
Smoked Duck and Avocado Pizza . RM30
I wanted to try their Chicken and Feta Pizza badly but too bad the chef didn't prepare pesto sauce that day, heard that their pesto is good; will need to go again for that. This is also not bad, will be better if the avocado cube served in smaller size; the smoked duck on the other hand is quite amazed me. I feel it's better to have big group of friends come over to share the food, as all of them served in huge portion. Laugh

Nostalgie Cafe
Location: 34, Lorong Steward, 10200 Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm (Tuesday to Friday); 11.30pm-10pm (Saturday to Sunday)
Contact Number: 04-2610977
Facebook Page: Nostalgie Cafe

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Say buh bye to blackheads.


  1. try their aglio olio spaghetti, the best :)

    1. I knew also just didn't have mood to try spaghetti that time, I went there months ago eh xD