September 15, 2012

Sunshine . 42° La Boheme Penang

Attempt new cafe or dining restaurant is what I like to do during my weekends, mostly on Friday where everyone is busy with their work, this would definitely buy me more space in the cafe / restaurant. Pouring rain stopped when I about to depart from my house, maybe God knows I don't like the bad weather whenever I'm out. Laugh. My partner in crime was dragged along for the food hunt.
This is it - 42° La Bohéme which is located a few shop further down from The Ship at Sri Bahari Road. Parking will be a problem as not much "legal" parking lots along the road, we parked at the huge parking lot opposite the Cititel Hotel, it's not far from the cafe tho. I should have capture the French cafe together with the sign board, *only half of it seen in the photo*.
Found another sign board in little garden which is well-managed by the owner outside the cafe, it's quite discreet that you might not notice it. They took the name from Puccini's opera "La Boheme" and it means unfettered life, it's just like the cafe give you the feeling of.
Spotted the unique flowerpot, where you seen it million times in your kitchen but not here; the cat statue also sit quietly in its place.
The interior of the cafe a.k.a pre-war double storey house, yet the cafe only operate on the ground floor. Love the geometric pattern floor tiles which shows the history of this house, and only 4 to 5 tables are set up inside, so cosy like you are at home.
The so-called counter area, where Huvi and Matthieu (the couple) placed all the pastries on the table for diner to pick up. The pastries aroma flow all over the space, which turned our tummy up-side-down, but we didn't try those nice looking pastries, next time perhaps.
I took the name card, just love to collect nice and creative cards. The polaroid-like business card is awe with the face of the cafe on top.
Spread of books and magazines are provided in the cafe, to kill time; like their idea to put them in the old suitcases, easy to keep.
Found another bright little piano at the corner, as a decor.
The detach sewing machine that caught my sight, just like my daddy's one at home; with different brand. 
Apple juice versus Ice lemon tea, these chills us up while we waiting for the food. They prepare your food one by one, that's why they need more time on that. Meanwhile, you can make yourself at home there to take photos, discover their each and every decor.
Bruschetta with bacon, mushroom, onion and tomato sauce . RM18
My first time to have French pastries as lunch, thus we didn't ordered their quiches set as we thought it might can't fulfill us, so both of us go for their bruschetta. It's an antipasto from France, a roasted bread topped with ingredients you choose and not to forget the mozzarella cheese. They are not miser in giving you lots of bacon where you can have them in every bite on the bruschetta.
Bruschetta with salmon, oregano, mozzarella and white cream . RM18
The salmon is cut into cube pieces, and topped on the roasted bread, you can see it from the photo above. All the bruschetta come along with fresh veges, onions and tomatoes, those are quite savoury. I can't stop myself from making 'on nom nom' sound while eating both of the bruschetta, I cherish every bite and feel them diffluence in every part in my mouth. The have different menu for weekend I guess, or I should say seasonal menu, salads, pizzas and a lot more, waiting for you to discover.
Creme Brulee . RM16
This is the main reason why we come over here, to try out their creme brulee; other than this, they have also creme caramel. It was a bit too charred on top that make some bitter together with sweetness on the brulee, yet the custard base still creamy and smooth. It will be better if they put blueberries and strawberries on top to add some flavors to the brulee. Thumb up!
Little pot of plants are hanging on the window that make me think of Amelia Cafe, which have the same decor as well. Universal decor.
Photo of the day . Rainbow always appear after the rain or hardship

42° La Bohéme Penang
Address: 42, Sri Bahari Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am - 6pm; Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 6017-9762153

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A Korean lady said to me: You have beautiful smile.


  1. To be exact, it was "You smile very beautiful!" And this has nothing to brag hor...-.-"

  2. Si ha? I just now also wonder what she say le LOL both also same meaning ma~ And I like cannot a? LOL

  3. no doubt.. you have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen b4..

  4. This a bit over pulak LOL most beautiful @@

  5. ahh.. this is one of those in my list! i wanna try! =)

  6. Theng! This is superb! Must try :)

  7. hahaha. takda over ho.. really most beautiful! :D

  8. Hi. I stumbled upon your blog while googling about Penang. Just want to say you want a nice blog :) This restaurant looks like a nice place. Will note it down on my to go places in Penang :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. *MK*
    Thanks for the compliment! And Penang is rock, please do come and visit the cute little island :)