September 21, 2012

Sweet tooth at Chocolate Passion, Straits Quay

Found a newly opened chocolate cafe last few weeks yet only paid my first visit now, chocolate just wouldn't tempt me much. It's like a hidden gem because the cafe is located quite backward, if I was not happen to walk through I also don't know its existence. Oops.
Here is it, the Chocolate Passion which provide tiny bites of sinfully yet delicious chocolates, something which is not my type, but I wanted to give it a try anyhow! Always like white based cafe as it gave me a cozy feel, and sometimes the simple but noble feel.
This is how the cafe looks like from my place, only 4-5 tables available in the cafe, all in white. There is a cupboard on the left which displayed all the sale items and magazines for diners. Too bad that the owner strictly proclaim that no photography is allow on their chocolate showcase, it would be better if she allow me to do so. Laugh
Flower pots that place beside the showcase and counter, and the flower ain't real. Something funny happened when I squatted to take this photo, the owner (Callin Tan) stood beside and asked me what was I doing, she laughed when I told her I was taking photo there.
The chandelier hang in the center of the cafe, it would be nicer if all the bulbs were light up. 
Menu is place on every table, I didn't checked on their menu at first, I was enjoyed reading their story and rules for chocolate in life.
This set of chocolate fondue dishware is for display purpose, not for sale. Of course, you can order one set to try in the chocolate cafe.
Just love this shot on the table and chairs.
Hot Chocolate Affogato . RM12.50
This is recommended by the staff, she claimed that most of the diners will order this if they want to try on their hot chocolate. A scoop of vanilla ice cream is served together with the melted chocolate; to enhance the taste, you can pour the hot chocolate onto ice cream when you are half way eating it. I thought the chocolate will solidified after I poured them onto the ice cream, yet it didn't happen, it was like my ice cream melt even faster in the hot chocolate! Wouldn't try this on my next visit, but maybe this is the only one I can accept compare to thicker chocolate, laugh! My contradiction make me crazy, sometimes.
Avocado Chocolate Ice Blended . RM11.50
Since the day I knew they have this in menu, it become the first order item if I happen to visit Chocolate Passion. I did actually asked the staff to prepare this for me first while I was still digesting the menu. Never thought that avocado can actually mixed well with chocolate, and the freshness of avocado covered up all the chocolate taste, this is a-must-order blended for non chocolate lover like me (of course, chocolate lover are welcome to order this as well). 
Handmade chocolates . RM37 for 100 grams
The owner launched the range of 24 handmade chocolates, with different flavors; sometimes you couldn't find all the 24 handmade chocolates in their showcase, they might sold out, so grab them as early as you can. I ordered some of them (clockwise, started with the rectangular one), Mint, Rum & Raisins, Baileys and Extremely Dark Chocolate Truffle, 4 of these are 49.05 grams (RM18.15). It's good to try the Rum & Raisin and Baileys here, the taste not that strong like the liquor chocolate, they make the Rum & Raisin and Baileys paste to put inside the chocolate instead of the liquor. I always prefer dark chocolate, and the extremely dark chocolate truffle would actually suit me more, the cocoa powder outside is 100% with 70% dark chocolate inside. The mint flavor just like the one normally we can get from shopping centre, should have try the lavender flavor! Smack!
Photo of the day . The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. -John Ruskin-

Chocolate Passion (by Choc Artisan)
Address: 3A-G-36 Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-8906121

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Just realize chocolate ain't that bad after-all, still, don't like sweet one.

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