September 19, 2012

Starwalk 2012

A day where we don't have work, yet I still need to wake up even earlier to attend the Starwalk 2012, which departed from Birch House Times Square Penang; my first time for this kind of healthy event. I couldn't imagine the crowd until I went to the starting point. Hell crowded! Each of us entitled a lucky draw number and a yellow wrist strap before the walk, another blue wrist strap after the walk.
The view where we started to walk, guidebook wrote that the event will be started sharp at 7am, yet too many people haven't register on time, that's why it was kind of delayed. 
Many Starwalk committees were on duty that day, to make sure that we were in the correct path to go back to the finish point.
This really make me laugh out loud when I saw it, really impressed by the intelligent of Penangites. No dustbin was provided so we all put on top of this, waiting committee to clean it later. No more free drink for the late comer, first come first serve theory.
Was really excited when we all see this banner, even at here we also needed to throw our luck draw number in the bin. Help!
A certificate of participation was given once we finished the walk, and we need to write our name on it, laugh. Too bad I got no chance to grab any prizes there, say good bye to gold plate, camera, television, GPS and a lot more. See you next year!

. . . . . . . . . . 

Finally ate the Nasi Lemak at Weld Quay!

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