May 14, 2011

Win-Win Situation?

Ever think that: who are you and what you really like to be? I had, I have to think. Too many questions pop out since the day I finished my study, working or continue to get higher education? Which one you prefer? If continue, what do I want or I should say what field is fit for me? I don't feel to get any closer with science thing, okay, maybe not chemistry, too much for me, and I think I can't really handle it. Can I soar over the sea? Or I should just stay over in this little pond?
I said before, I like something, but people always do better than me, I think I just need some self-confident, I totally lack of this. How?

So, I prefer office work than lab work, I can wear like this. Chuckle.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Stand at my place, and you'll know why I worry that much.


  1. Not bad le darling!!! woohoo!!!

    got superwoman's smell XD heehee

    Dont worry, everything gonna be fine. You know wad, I've think that in my third year and now i oso don noe how @@ try to conitnue study and get a part time job :/

  2. me is... go working earn money to feed my parents and earn the 1st and 2nd bucket of money to archive my dream,ok ma? hahaha

    nice dressing,pretty die xD

  3. *Jayne* I wish to continue study, but not here maybe, but I don't know I can afford or not la...haha

    *ppwen* sure ok la, i wait ur 1st bucket always, 'daughter'...wahahaha, me also wan earn a lot!

    *kheng siang* haha, thanks ya :)

  4. earn alot to pay the rest of the house "I" buy for you, right? hahahahaha! xD

  5. WOW!! i oso like office work more coz i can wear like tat XD haha

  6. Wahahaha, so you now still wearing formal ma?