May 6, 2011


Get myself some rewards after a week of hardship, movie time! Longing for this movie: THOR, like I said, I like myth and magic thing. It is a good movie indeed, throw yourself in the cinema and enjoy the movie. Chris Hemsworth looks great in that, mad for him for awhile, and did you all feel that he looks like Brad Pitt in Troy? I shed a tear in the end of the movie. Oops.

. . . . . . . . . . 

She is still busy...looking for him.


  1. I planned to watch this oso le but end up didnt watch :/

    Next time i go watch. very nice right? heehee ^ ^

  2. Haha, I like it la, you will like it too eh, our taste almost same ma
    pergi tengok with him!!!!!!

  3. hahahah okie!!! I will try eh!! and i trust ur taste, we got the same taste ^ ^ muackz!!!!

    missing u!!!

  4. wahahaha, we do!~
    miss you too ya