May 27, 2011

Greeting from Taiwan

A little sweet greeting from Taiwan, as promised by a friend, reached me and waited me at home. Thanks to him, Ah Gan, for the postcard; seeing the 101 Taipei gave me a feel that I'd been there before. He is such a good friend to think of me when he was traveled around the lovely city alone there. Anyway, take good care over there, and we shall meet again.

We might have a trip together? Who knows.


  1. STIM FISH! finally reached you. yahoo!! hooray! glad that it reached safely. i thought you din get it, cz jayne ady got, how come you havent get yours. Even my friend in Melbourne also sudah get, and no news from you, thought it may not reach.
    happy or not? faster say thank you lar. hehe. wahahaha. bluekz lolz.
    hope you like it. im fine here. Will take good care, and we shall meet again. dun forget our backpacking trip. where? we belum plan. lolz. haha.

  2. Haha, I already got it long time ago, just i wanna post it up and then just tell u you to read my post.
    who knows, last night i forgot to tell u after i finish the post.
    xD yalar~ THANK YOU MR. RANGO
    hahaha...really feel good when I got the card from you
    hehe, let's plan the trip!