May 18, 2011

Baking Life during work

I am still in the food lab now, just another session; this is all about the Flavour/Fragrance. Were so fast to finish off the orders by customer and no more order is awaiting; that's the time I came to help my another colleague on her R&D work: bake! We were tested on two different baking powder, to figure out which one is better and we are going to order this from the supplier. All of the members in the food lab were so excited when I started to take out the baking appliance; I actually made the tea time cake for them.

Everyone was vied to choose the flavour of the sponge cake, orange flavour for both cakes at last. They even made jokes, that me, the baking chef will only bake with only one flavour cake for my entire life, no other choices, and famous with that. Applause
This is so-called Fish's Brand Cake, they finished the cake in a blink of eyes.

. . . . . . . . . . 

"Check on the location, I'll bring you to have a visit."


  1. didn't left some for me to try? hehe...bake it next time for me! :P

  2. hehe...sure sure, no prob d lo! ^^