May 9, 2011

A day for you

How's the celebration of Mother's Day? Well, we didn't had one last night, to avoid all those crowded place which is my mom's nightmare, we celebrated a week earlier at Sakae Sushi. Get another voucher again and I like raw salmon so much now, they are just dainty enough to lock my taste-buds. Remember the homemade mille crepe that  I said before? My sister just love it and ordered again for my mom; and we tried something new this time. Wishing all the grandeur mothers a happy mother's day, a belated one.

Humble Beginnings
See those peaches? 
This photo is flaw but I like the effect.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Everything seems so great now, can you hold it until the end?


  1. yummy yummy!!!! *slurrrppp*****

    FISH!!! I want eat ur biscuits can ma?? *puppy eyes* XD

  2. Haha, sure you may~ go take la~
    (before i reply, you aldy go and took it -.-)

  3. hahahaha i noe u miss that XD

    li suo dang ran XD =DDDDD

  4. wahahaha, yala, u also miss it what~