April 17, 2011

Sweet Chat

The third outing for this week, friends want to buy some new formal shirts for their intern, so I accompanied them and in the end I got myself a new shirt as well, purple strips on white. I love it. Keep asking myself whether it was a purple day. We went to Pavilion, and saw an event and people stacked in front of it, a group of people in purple shirt were doing their flash mob dance. What or who pop up in your mind when I say: never say never? Yup, they are the Bieber flash mob dance crew, or I should say fans; Bieber fever is going on as he is coming here pretty soon. I nearly joined the flash mob last year, not for Bieber of course, is for the fundraising for orphanage, yet it failed as not many people were in it. Feel sad about that for 1 minute. Laugh out loud.

Had our dinner at Kim Gary and at last we went to Sweet Chat for their durian pancake which was strongly recommended by Michelle. They are really tasty, but I don't like the taste with choco, kind of weird; I miss the taste of durian already! Together with this, I ordered mushroom soup, not bad but not the best. We had some sweet chat before heading back to our hostel. Another great outing with them.

Did I mentioned the dressing room of Parkson in Pavilion? They are huge, can fit more than 10 people I think, sofa and coffee table are placed in it also, it's so exaggerated . We did enjoyed ourselves and can you peep the messy bags and clothes on the sofa? Chuckle


. . . . . . . . . . .

You never showed that you were scared of losing me.