April 27, 2011

The Farewell(s)

Were so surprise when I got a message last time, Jeremy was still in KL; me and Michelle met him up in the noon before he went back to his dull working life in Johor. His so called macho Nikon D90 seems smaller after 9 months I lost its sign; or I'm the one became bigger? Laugh out loud. So now we really say good-bye to each other, and both of us wondered will him show up during our convocation?

I merged all the farewell with sisters and friends together, all in one, too lazy to write it one by one, oops, I meant too many to write if I separate it. All of us are apart now to continue our own path, mostly of us are stay back in Malaysia for our internship, yet some are fly to Taiwan and Brunei. Envy. Had some farewell moment with Jayne, Syndy, Ppwen and Gan; and soon to be mine in coming Friday.

Guys, take care and keep in touch always. All the best to you.

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