April 24, 2011


Will be away from this sanctuary for a week now (okay, actually I changed the date, sometimes I just feel to update my blog according to the exact time, please bear with me). Were so busy to meet up with friends and guess what, I had a wonderful birthday this year, surprise at everywhere. My story will be updated soon right after I finish my last paper and when I step on the land of Pearl of Orient. Can't wait although I don't really wish to leave here, the place where I met with lovely people I heart so much. Stay tuned for the posts.

Draw by me, for our sister jie ying.

. . . . . . . . . . 

I'm following your path, just a day after you.


  1. fish yang cantik...
    happy birthday here too...
    welcome bec to penang..

  2. haha, thanks ya, gathering wei! ^^