April 25, 2011

Give me a 23

Were so tired after came back from the gathering just now, kept myself busy with online stuff: chatting, facebook, here and there, etc. instead of cleaned-up myself; but others kept rushing me to get bath, so weird! I admit that I have a good hearing, and I heard that there were someone who scratching our door, I thought of a pervert was trying to open our door. People in the house were so scared and shout out loud together! Suddenly, the door was opened and all my sisters were standing outside, holding a cake for me and I were so surprised to see Gan and Ppwen were there too. Now, Gan became the first man who step in our house; a honor for him. Giggle.
Been requested to sit and get their gift which was done by my little Tehooo (too bad she was not here with us), and they proclaimed that she did a great job for that. Heart. Cried when I read the card they gave me, all those words just touch my heart at the perfect moment.

With my teary eyes, I teared-off the wrapper of the present, but wait, I can't finished it in 6 minutes because they wrapped hundreds of layers, were so nervous because they did set a time limit for me. I got a polaroid film from them and they did wasted a lot of newspaper to do that. Took photo with those newspaper which make me look like a beggar in my cote, and with a wide smile on my face. Thanks!

Syndy . Jayne . Ppwen . Michelle . June . KaiYien . Me . Gan

Thanks for the birthday surprise, love my birthday in this three years, because I have you guys with me. Keep in touch always.

. . . . . . . . . .

Got a call during the celebration, lovely.


  1. wahaha, nice leh.. me wrapped until hand want patah liao. lol

  2. haha, I knew this, they keep tell me about that. And they got record the video to show u XD