April 25, 2011

Nice to see you

After my second last paper, one of our coursemate dated us to have some singing session again, without a second thought, me and Michelle said: YES because we thought this might be the last outing of ours. Not much people were going, like usual, with other three guys, Ka Chun, Wei Qi and Chee. Wonder where did the ohm of others gone? Longing for Manhattan Fish Market's spaghetti, but I ordered other instead of that, quite regret after since. We love old songs, when can we gather can sing again next time? I miss you guys.

 Michelle . KaChun . Chee . WeiQi

Rushed back to meet up with our 'long-lost' senior - Jeremy together with Michelle. Still missing the time when we used to hang out together when he was still studying in the same uni. Time flies and people change, but I'm glad that three of us are still the same; oops, I missed out my direct senior, AhChai which is now at Sibu and couldn't join us here. I'm blessed to have you guys in my life. 

The third polaroid with him, we can see the difference of us, both became better (I mean appearance). Laugh out loud.

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