April 22, 2011

Nothing left

Mostly of my friends were finished their last paper in this semester, yet for my course Oleochemistry, we still have another 2 papers to go. It's not cool to see people going out and have fun, yet we force to leave behind and study, I feel lonely. My feeling become worst when I saw their luggage and boxes were packed nicely in the living room, one of them might go back tomorrow. I keep thinking, when should I start to pack my thing as well? My roomie took some of the clothes back, and the wardrobe is quite empty now. Sentimental.

. . . . . . . . . .

It's hurts to know you'll never remember the thing I'll never forget.


  1. ='(
    I miss you... what should I do??

  2. Miss me more, coz I miss you too :')

  3. *cozy* miss you too, you leave us soon liao wei!!! :(

  4. yaya...and when I turn to my right hand side, I see no you :(