August 23, 2014

Re-visit Sushi Zento . dinner treat

I went to Sushi Zento located at Precint 10 like million times, you may read the previous post here and here to know my previous experiences. I always went there during weekdays so I do not experienced bad service like what I read from other blog(s), weekdays = lesser diners in the restaurant mah. So this time we went there during weekends (nah, we didn't purposely plan to go there during Saturday night), for the sake of eating Japanese food after so many Korean stuff nowadays. Of course, to avoid the waiting time in Sushi Zento, we called earlier to make reservation, this is a must whenever you are about to dine there, no kidding. 
This was my first time sitting in their "glass room" partition instead of inside the restaurant. The you will ask, will it be troublesome when you feel to get some sushi since there is no conveyor belt in the glass room? I'll say it will be if it was last time, but now they are no more using the conveyor belt service in the restaurant, so no different for you to sit near to conveyor belt or the glass room. This is to ensure all the sushi plates they served to diners are fresh and in good condition, I kind of love this idea as sometimes I do not know how long is the sushi been putting on the conveyor belt and ain't sure if they are still fresh to eat. Thumb up for you.
The caterpillar-like of wasabi. There is no sweet sauce on the table, if you need it just wave your hand to the staffs. Talk no more, will straight away go to the food part. 
Shake Yaki Meshi | RM10
My all-time-fav in the Sushi Zento, the price for the salmon fried rice still remain the same as 2 years back, this is why I love it more. The normal fried rice cost you around RM7, why not add a bit to have better taste than just normal fried rice right? Personal thought. The salmon fried rice isn't greasy, every bite you have you can still feel/taste the diced salmon, wonderful I would say. I still remember I posted this before and said that it was quite salty 2 years back, but now I think it is not, maybe they change the recipe a little bit or my taste-buds just gone haywire. It is just up to my liking now. 
Buta Kakuni Ramen | RM20
I seldom have ramen in Japanese restaurant, if really want to have noodles I'll go to udon first instead of ramen; I always thought that the ramen taste is quite insipid. But we give it a try this time, and it totally blow my mind. The noodles is served together with stewed pork belly, flavoured half boiled egg and Japanese fish cake that at first should be cooked in soy sauce broth according to the menu. The friendly staff suggested us to change the soy sauce broth to Kyushu soup (pork-bone soup) as it will make the ramen double heavenly and she is right with that! The soup is so 'creamy' and rich that I would just finish it after I've done with the noodles. I would recommend this to you, so good and I just couldn't forget the taste of the stewed pork belly, so soft and melted in mouth. 
Wakadori Teriyaki | RM16
My first try the pan-fried chicken with teriyaki sauce was at Edo Ichi, so I kind of in love with that taste after my first try, this is why made me to order this that night. Same taste and the chicken is so juicy! The chef is so generous for giving more teriyaki sauce in this dish, you may dip the pan-fried chicken with that sauce to make it tastier. 
Una Cheese Roll + Shake Tataki Roll | RM26
At first, we just wanted to order the Shake Tataki Roll, a reverse roll topped with seared salmon; when we placed the order, the staff again asked us whether we want to exchange the another half to Una Cheese Roll. which topped wit sliced eel and cheese. One roll consist of 8 pieces of sushi, then we decided to change 4 pieces with another flavor; we pay same price to try 2 different flavor, worth! I was then asked her are all the rolls can be exchange, then she said only this 2 can be mixed, the rest are not, we were lucky to order that btw. Both taste good especially with the herbs on top of the roll, it enhance the taste. 
Yaki Gyoza | RM9
The must order dish in Sushi Zento, I'll definitely order gyoza whenever I'm in a Japanese restaurant, and the one in Sushi Zento is the best I had. Always, people tend to like the gyoza which stuffed with more minced pork and vegetables, but I feel that a good gyoza doesn't need to have a lot of stuffing, the portion of vegetables and minced pork must be in proper ratio and the soy sauce is also important to enhance the taste of gyoza. It's up to my liking so I would like to recommend you as well, but if you like more stuffing in gyoza then you might not like it tho. Overall, I feel that their service is good even during weekends and there were full house when I was there, I still feel that the staffs trying hard to serve us and they are quite friendly. 

I'm the person who willing to spend more on food, as long as they are worth the money, you might think that I'm so rich and are able to spend so much on food but this is how I enjoy my life. Some people prefer to spend theirs on make up kits, clothes, accessories and etc. but I prefer to spend mine on food. You might think that I didn't control my diet and grow wider compare to last time, but you didn't notice that I was actually too thin few years back, I feel healthier and stronger this way. Nah, just my midnight thought. One shouldn't judge others by its cover, if you really care about them, you should care their happiness but not their weight. END.

Precint 10, 10-A-11 & 12, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang.

Business Hours
11am - 11pm (Daily)

Contact Number
04-899 2725


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