June 13, 2014

I was in Singapore!

Finally made up my mind to write about my past Singapore trip during birthday month, here come a teaser before I really post places and food that I went and had over there. It was a not so impromptu trip, I just realized I didn't spend much during the trip as all were within our budget and I managed to get some haul there, if you notice my Instagram. My first time there, so I decided to explore the place thoroughly by our own, instead of calling friends to meet up during the trip, hope that those who stay in Singapore would understand me. Call you up during my next visit, most probably year end? Haha. Since I visited most of the visitor spots, I guess I'll have more time to meet up with friends if I happen to be there again. 
It was a 3D2N trip, a bit too rush for us as we wanted to go every places that recommended, I can't feel my legs on the second day and so on. So if you haven't been there before, try to make it a relax trip, go only places that you really want, after-all Singapore is so near to us, you can go plenty of times if you want to. I stay in a food heaven, but I must say I love some of the food in Singapore!
See you soon!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Should started to plan my next trip! My saving plan too!