June 17, 2012

Hello lovelies

The most excited moment in June is meeting up with my coursemates and friends, after 9 months apart from each other, not all were coming but it was more than enough. All of us including Penangite were staying together in Aurora Court's pent house, all of us kept talking about our pass when we were in uni; staying together make us immersed ourselves in the pass, I wished the time can stop there.
We just had some food sessions together, and create more memories together. Girls can't help themselves not to go Charlie Brown to have a photo on the coffee while boys got their Chatime while waiting for us without complain. Laugh! A must-go place - Hard Rock whenever cousemates are here, to get high decibel and rocking ourselves with the rockers. Hoot! I got the feeling!
Got our healthy morning on the next day up to Penang Hill and they were quite enjoyed the scenery on the top; they started to plan for the next trip, can't wait! Like the laughter and joyous moment together with them, keep in touch always! Cozy

. . . . . . . . . . 

Once upon a time...

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