June 30, 2012

Armenian Street

Been to Armenian Street last week for their function, some sort like art street event; a event that gathered people who like photography and arts. I rather go there during non-event day, lesser people and I don't need to rush here and there just to take a photo. Sign
Just happened to walk over here to snap their road sign. Laugh
14 Living Story, a shop right next to Cheah Kongsi and Amelia Cafe [here], selling classical stuff and you definitely will like it if you fancy about classical things. 
Everyday if you pass by this shop, you will find this uncle sitting in front of the shop and playing with his organ, classical song of cause.
Few pairs of clogs are hanging on wall; all are hand-painted with patterns, each pair selling for RM55, suitable for collection if you like.
Saw a abacus displayed up-side-down, and they took out others and left only 4 pins on the center, special no?
Seen this before? A mural once you turn in the street, the bicycle is real tho. It's even published in magazine and newspaper. 
Here's is the muralist - Ernest Zacharevic drawing on his 6th mural in Penang. He is the cause of traffic jam that day, everyone is standing on the road just to record / take photos at him. Thanks to him for beautify Georgetown; he is so damn cute!
Another hot spot of the day - Khoo Kongsi, lighting on night for their event. Took this photo before they light it. Not much photos taken on that night, crowded everywhere, surely I'll go again to take all the mural in Georgetown.

. . . . . . . . . .

Fell for Penang, more and more.


  1. oh he is damn cute alright! :)

    love your blog. the things you blog about make me miss home so much. thank you for reminding how beautiful Penang is <3

  2. Agree with you, he is so cute! Should take photo with him!! :(

    Glad that I make you miss Penang, do come back somedays! Then we shall meet up! ^^