June 5, 2012

Pik Nik anyone?

Time flies and it's June now, my stress accompanied me to get through my May, eventually it will continue to follow me as long as it could. Back-dated post where I had high tea session at Pik Nik and got my very first Starbucks tee, jumping up and down
The sky looked dark yet it's still shining with hot sun. Like their signboard that has a classic feel for me.
Thought that there wouldn't have much people during that hours, yet hardly to get ourselves a seat proved that I was wrong. The specialty of Pik Nik is their hanging lanterns are made up from basket and dustbin. They actually did hand painting on their wall, nice! 
Their menus are kind of simple, printed paper that put on the clipboard; menu for dishes and beverages are separate.
Ice Honey Milk (RM7) on the left and Winter Melon Lemon Tea (RM5) on the right.
Waffle Salmon . RM12
Most of the people who come over will definitely order this, their signature; waffle topped with scramble egg, smoked salmon and cheese. I have no idea how they have this creative idea to put up all the things that turn up very delicious, gonna go and grab it again.
Cheeky Roll . RM14
Ordered Salmon Roll at first, but they said that salmon was out of stock, might due to high order of Waffle Salmon. They stuffed chicken thigh meat, mushroom and cheese in the pastry roll, it's just okay, a good try but it's too simple and taste like chicken pie.
Cheesy Mushroom Platter . RM10
I'll say that I'm a mushroom lover, how could I resist not to order this? Little cheese bake mushrooms look cute and their taste is great!
A basket of napkin papers was given while we enjoyed our dishes; peep the hanging lantern at the back. Laugh
Small antique metal box was given to us when we asked for bill, a unique way to collect money indeed. 
View from my seat, big pillows are provided so that you can have your seat comfortably, that's how I spent my Sunday, two weeks ago.

Pik Nik
Add: 15 & 17, Jalan Nagore, Penang.
Business Hours: 3pm-12am, Sunday to Thursday; 3pm-2am, Friday to Saturday
Contact Number: 604-2260562

. . . . . . . . . .

I have my own way to live, which you can never change it.


  1. Yes of course we can change your way of life. A better one.

  2. yeahh! don't let ppl change you! live your own way of live ! ^^ jia you jia you !

  3. Haha, one say can, one say can't, anyway, thanks :)

  4. Because, no matter what we say, you are still doing your way.
    Doesn't matter at all. XD

  5. Wahahaha, quite clever ma you Oi!