April 23, 2012

Venetian back street Tavern

I'm always loved, she said which I'm quite agree with her about this, love that I have people around me that care me so much and always want me to try on something that I never did. Scratch head to bring me somewhere I never been, she, Ppwen brought me to the Il Bacaro week ago, sad case that Wei Wen couldn't joined us for the lunch. 
Il Bacaro, which is the restaurant of Campbell House, a place where we can enjoy authentic Italian dishes; it's not hard to locate it.
You can find this beautiful tricycle beside the entrance of Campbell House.
Felt good when I stepped on the tiles, it's like we walk into a heritage world and forget about the city life. They hang quite a number of portraits and photos on the wall; there is the lobby part behind the door.
The restaurant is mainly in brown color series, quite warm and cozy ambiance they have.
Decoration on top of our table. Oops, I saw the crack line on the wall, laugh
Italian restaurant is quite daintily when they placed their tableware, they will served us the proper dishware according to our orders.
My Earl Grey which they served with a cup of hot water and a tea pack. Love the cup which have the flower pattern.
It was a delightful change as the bread being served in a traditional Chinese bamboo steamer that you can find in dim sum restaurants. Differ with other Italian restaurants, they served crispy caky bread instead of baguette. 
Spices served on a plate in case you need to add some into your dishes. I thought this is a little bit of Indian feel.
Salmon Tartare . RM22
Recommended by the waiter, and it did amazed me with the taste; I truly like the combination of only raw salmon and fresh tomatoes. 
Cappellini with Grilled Chicken, Mushrooms and Tomatoes . RM32
Ppwen's main course, and the portion is quite big; the taste is quite special, might because of the grilled chicken and tomatoes.
Scaloppine of Chicken on Mash Potato with White Wine Sauce . RM32
Love the mash potato, yet I think there's too much pepper on the top of chicken, laugh; I can taste the white wine!
Thanks to her for the lunch, I think we both were enjoyed that day; watched Battleship and had a little walk in the mall after that. 

Il Bacaro
Add: Campbell House, 106 Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm-10.30pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-2618290

. . . . . . . . . . .

I had one week of birthday celebration, thank you!

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