April 29, 2012

Lush Greenery . Part 2

While we were eating our dinner, waiter handed us an invitation card a.k.a post card, for the Helen's Handmade Bear Solo Exhibition at Ferrighi Garden Art Terrace. The owner, Helen claimed that all the bears are handmade and she used for months just to finish a bear, impressed with her hard-work. Bears are for sales too, and part of the sale will go to Penang's Child Protection Centre.
 Little bears that placed on top of the cake, most of the bears are quite costly as she created all of Teddy Bears her own.
Love this colorful button bear which cost around RM700, the only bear in the exhibition without its face features. 
She also has a few of theme collections, which are not for sale, some are gifts from her friends, she unveil all the design to us.
The bears that I could own, which only cost RM10, obviously not a handmade bear from Helen.
Saw this pair of love bears on the exhibition, which cost about RM4000! Helen said the fur is real wool and she sew it on top one by one, their eyes are made from glass, you may store them up to 90 years and the bears are still that good. Worth? 

. . . . . . . . . . 

I miss the bear with christmas hat.


  1. 4000rm for a pair of bears?? that is wee bit overkill...but its handmade and handmade stuffs are always're paying the person their time and effort...but still, 4000 for a pair of bears.... emmmm...

  2. hahaha, really very expensive la, she keep told me the stories lo, I so scare she want me to bring them home LOL

  3. bring that home and you'll starve for the next 2 months....hahaha...

  4. Haha, so Im sure not going to take it la~ I not that into bear bear ma xD

  5. girl....else wan dan liao...but I saw before you can diy your own bear sell at gurney plaza market...

  6. Haha, itu DIY me got see tiok also, but didn't buy la, me do le also put aside eh LOL

  7. Haha get A BIG one and hug and sleep lo...sure nice eh