April 8, 2012

Hoot Hoot!

Suppose to get back my warm house after high tea at Amelia Cafe, I blurted out some words and like a random decision, we went to Penang Hill just to pay a visit to the newly opened Owl Museum. The sky started to turn grey when we reached on top.
Paid RM10 for the entrance fee and we got ourselves a souvenir from them, of course, with an owl; as it is all about owl in this place.
Love the workstation where you can find wood crumbs on the table, bit by bit the woodcarver make their masterpiece in shape. 
Tool that needed to have a perfect carve. 
The lamp stand out in the middle of the space as it isn't related to owl, it looks like a tree with fireflies flying on the top. Jungle feel.
I like this the most: The Royal Owl, they are unsaleable.
Here they have a kids corner where you can find little chair, fluffy owlies and animals to play around. It's 'owl'some!
When you walked through the end, you can get some owl stuffs over here if you find any, rings, necklaces, pouches, accessories, and etc. 
Fluffy owls and clothes are available too!
The weather was good and we saw a double rainbow, my first time to see it, I just realized about it when I view my photos that time.
Piece of cloth that I grab from Owl Museum, it's definitely a love one, Hoot!

. . . . . . . . . . 

Truly love my day!


  1. We also suddenly go eh lo~ Haha, last few times I went but it haven't open gok!

  2. Great pictures and glad to know u've enjoyed the visit to The Owl Museum!

    stay tuned with all the updates and happenings thru

    have an owlsome day!
    hoot hoot!

  3. Hoot hoot!

    Surprise to get your reply here, I'm really enjoy there :D

  4. wA!!! i want to go!!! opening hours?

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  6. It's owlsome, WK! Got time you must go for a visit.

    The operate hours is from 9am until 6pm lo~

  7. okie, i got it d, hehe..may be going on this sat =D

  8. nice leh... haha
    use iphone/ camera snap geh?

  9. iPhone LOL
    Need find lightning also, abo also not so nice xD