April 7, 2012

Sticky yet Arty-Crafty Day

It was a sticky Saturday where at first I felt to pass my day at home with some good reads or drama; ended up I decided to have something better, met up with babe Jhu which we seldom have chance to get one-to-one hang out. Kind of excited to get out with her as we both have similar taste and hobbies, it's not hard to find a topic and a tiny thing enough to make us laugh for whole day. 
After walked for few rounds, we managed to find this little hidden cafe at Armenian Street, Amelia Cafe. It was not hard to locate the cafe, it is just right next to Cheah Kongsi; we were welcomed by a kingdom of green plants, too bad their shop-sign is kind of blocked by those plants. I bet you guys wouldn't realize this is actually a cafe, when by chance you walk by this area.
Some enchanting hand painted sign boards and drawings also hanging outside the cafe; the talented owners surely have magic hands.
Photos taken when I first walked in the cafe, it's kind of rustic feel, and their concept is clear for going green which means recycling.
The interior is decorated with refurbished stuffs like glass bottles and hand painted wood crafts; have a peek on their little kitchen where great food comes from. Photography is prohibited in the cafe, seriously.
I like their wall, they purposely shown some of the bricks to give you an old feel, it was like dragging me back to old time. Clock is a like!
That's the glass bottle I talked about, and they make the cafe feel so comfy and zakka with all the plants they placed inside. 
Painted wood crafts on wall, the first one caught my sight.
That's another two wood crafts that hang in front of our table, I hope to paint like the owner.
They never waste a cardboard to blend it into their cafe element; the handmade menu with cute drawing is awesome.
We were kind of busy to snap photos while waiting for food. They even drew a poached egg on table, each table get different design. 
Jhu's Orange Mint (RM8) on the left and my Banana in Plum Lassi (RM12) on the right.
Bacon, Zucchini, Cream Cheese 'n' Rocket Bagel . RM18
The bagel is hard to cut, and it's too sackful with all the ingredients together; yet the taste is so great and I couldn't forget about it.
Cinnamon 'n' Chocolate Cream Pot . RM12
When I saw owner served this up, I was quite worry it's too sweet for me; chef is good in balance the taste of chocolate and cinnamon.
Love they way where cups are hanging on the cupboard; the place is small but it never looks crowded with all the stuffs they have.
Snapping on our shoes before we went off to somewhere awesome, stay tuned for the post! Ciao~

Amelia Cafe
Add: No. 6, Armenian Street, 10200 Penang.
Business Hours: 10am-7pm (Daily except Monday)
Contact Number: 6012-4967838

. . . . . . . . . . 

I made some chances. Laugh


  1. photography is prohibited but you still manage to snap so many photos, geng!

  2. Haha, I didn't use pro camera ma~ I walk lai walk qu snap, they bo scold me then I continue lo hehe~
    Help them promote ma xD