February 12, 2012


It's good to have a companion which has the same taste and hobby as yours, this will surely make your outing simple but a fun one. Watched The Wedding Diary together, and I couldn't stop my tears to drop; a good movie we had, and it's touching and funny both in one. Their love story actually started with a photo; I'm thinking to make a photo montage of people and things that matter to me.

Went to Chow Tian Yang Aquarium to see fishes and other animals, a random one; I once said I never went to the place before, thank you for remember all the negligible thing of mine. Thanks again because you need to indulge my mood for a week, either good or bad.

I'm happy today, to see those fishes, swim like no worry; I can be one of them isn't it?

. . . . . . . . . . 

You know I mean you right? Thank you.


  1. it's a nice movie. ok, admit,i dropped too. simple but true and fun movie to watch. another nice movie from Ah Niu after "Ais Kacang Puppy Love".

    and he promoted Penang~~

    and..cheer ;)

  2. Wuhu! Love the way they promote Penang lo~ but this movie not him as director neh, he is just the actor xD

  3. wow, i went check out the crew, see wat i found

    导演 : 郑建国

    Unbelievable..i didnt know he is a director..

    by the way, i thought it was Ah Niu production..*shy*
    thanks for correcting me

  4. Always, perfect marriage is the biggest dream of most Girls, somehow it is not easily achievable. And so, people fall into drama...
    How good, if the 1st ever person who divorced never think of divorce.