February 9, 2012

It's in me

Hi! I had enough food posts until now, more posts to come yet still related to great food in the island; toss the food aside and let's talk about something different for a moment. I'm a big fans of Starbucks, or no? Get influenced by someone else, two years ago; I think I'm now addicted more than he does now. Laugh. Whenever I want to have chit-chat or gathering, Starbucks would be my choice now.

Oh gosh! Starbucks planner is in the house. In love with the box more where the gold words imprint on the black box.
I guess I will only keep this planner for myself, too pretty for me to write on it. My handwriting will only spoil it, or make it prettier? 

. . . . . . . . . .

Thousand years, and more, and nothing...


  1. hmm...why not write some important event and upcoming date in it? and mark all the dates with smiley after that ;)

    ur writing may be 'ugly' but ur drawing is definitely an A ;)

  2. Haha, you used it aldy? Hmm, I feel to keep it, but at the same time feel to conteng something in it LOL

    Writing also nice ho! LOL

  3. One of my friend, having almost 2 starbucks/day, getting this planner once every week. =.=
    I still need 7 cups for this >"<

  4. ya, i already start using it. but the whole of Jan is empty. shud transfer those on my table calendar into this one instead..more privacy and can write on it what makes the day a smile or cry ;)

    not a bad idea...shud start doing tat~

  5. *Me* waseh! I didn't into it like your friend, a little bit too over? LOL

    *100* Haha, transfer all in the book ba, show me next time if got chance LOL

  6. It's not just "a bit" too over, it's indeed too over... hahaha.
    But since he is enjoying it, then why bother? :)
    Life is too short, so drink more starbucks!

  7. haha, sometimes i prefer save a little few time d starbucks for something that I didn't try before ma~

  8. You sounds like very flower lo...
    Lack of loyalty. :p