February 23, 2012


Wonder when was the last time I step in a bookstore and grab myself some babies back to home. Immersed myself in the bound that full of books and flipping them with my fingertips truly make me feel good; that was my activity after my last working day for this week. 

Snapshot in Borders. 
Babies that going home with me that night, I really need to spend some times to finish all the books I have; got myself another diary!

. . . . . . . . . .

Can I say NO? Laugh.


  1. This two are great books from Mitch Albom. I love them a lot, and they never bored me to read them again and again. very good, inspiring and is very meaningful. Enjoy the read. :)

  2. *JC Gan* Whao, you are here! Haha
    Yalo, this 2 books are great lo, but i haven't finish, all Mitch Albom d book macam not bad le, next time im going to buy Five People You Meet in Heaven lo xD

  3. I was once an insane bookaholic, reading one book/day, for months.
    Till then, i find that people tells more than books, perhaps what i wanted is the experiences of life that you hardly see in books. :)
    Just some thought.

  4. I love books seriously, wish to have a small library in my house